Monday, November 23, 2009

Re: NoAnn's Fabrics and a Spout-Off

In response to comments...

Trillian, sorry to hear that your store is gone, too!

Emily, yes. Ben Franklin's is still here, but that is the issue. It's only cotton and acrylic and a scant few Paton's skeins. I am glad they exist and I don't mind the occasional project made out of ack, but quite honestly? (and Emily, this is not aimed at you; your comment merely inspired the rant. :-D )

/begin rant
I like knitting socks out of fingering weight superwash wool and blends. I like wool, silk, alpaca, mohair. I weave, so I like to get my yarn on cones sometimes. I am learning to spin sheep fluff. BFs and Hobby Lobby don't carry anything like that, last time I checked.

As far as fabric, I like to sew using suit-quality wovens; I like fancy fabric (but not sequins or bric-a-brac). I am not a quilter (yet) but when I become one (highly likely), I would like to have a wide variety of quality fabric with modern options like batik prints.

I'll admit it. I am a yarn and fabric snob, and proud of it (lol). But it seems that my only options now (if I wish to shop in town) are to find a source for undyed yarn and fabric that is to my liking, and dye/print/weave it myself. Or open up my own bricks and mortar fiber shop.

I don't mind paying $12.99/yard for good fabric that hangs well and sews up well, or $20 for a skein of sock yarn. I do mind having my choices limited to cheap fabric and man-made plastic yarn. After all, isn't this the typical stereotype of "homemade and handknit"? Granny's hideous toilet roll cover crocheted out of bargain bin Red Heart in colors that don't appear in nature? Homemade clothing that is easily differentiated from haute couture?

There's a reason for the stereotype, IMHO, and the dearth of better fabric and yarn stores in a town only promotes that image. /rant



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