Friday, September 22, 2006


Not a lot of knitting over the past couple of days, though I went out and got some larger DPNs and a ball of self-striping sock yarn to play with.

Mother was much improved today. The antibiotics must be doing the trick. No, wait. It's antibiotics, but it's also all the prayers we've been given from around the world. I believe in miracles. God's grace is revealed. God must've moved the doctor's hand and mind to find the right cocktail to knock out the infection, and the right medicine to ease her stomach.

She was perky, like her old self. All of her food stayed down for a change and she ate a good bit. They had her up and walking down the hall (with a walker) and she's able to move on her own again (more energy). I'm feeling very relieved. As long as she stays on this pathway, we'll go on for quite a while. Hopefully I can bring her home early next week.

Thank you all for your prayers! It really does make a difference!

Back to knitworthy knews in a few...


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