Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Darn Rhinovirus.

Thought I had it licked last week but it's back and I feel awful. On the upside, my yarn ball winder arrived yesterday—now I just need a swift—as did two knitting books—Montse Stanley's classic "Knitter's Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Handknitting" and Maggie Righetti's "Knitting in Plain English". Good! Juicy reading. Someone said on a forum that Stanley's book has examples of 40 different ways to cast on!

I've definitely been on a book-buying binge. I'm waiting on Righetti's "Sweater Design in Plain English" as well as Jacqueline Fee's "Sweater Workshop" that are scheduled to arrive this weekend. Then there are the two that won't be published until October...

Enough about books. Will I have time to actually knit, or just read about it? LOL!

Next post, I think I'll see if it'll work if I put my swatches on my scanner and scan them in. Off to blow my nose (again).


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