Monday, October 23, 2006

The Kindness of Strangers

The three skeins of Blauband have arrived. There is enough for two pair of socks in this color (green/white/black/grey). If it becomes that rare, I can always put two of them on eBay.

Today's lesson in frustration: shorter DPNs are better for socks of finer gauge yarn. Seven inchers have so much needle sticking out over the edge that it's simply obnoxious.

I had the foresight last week to buy 0's, 1's and 2's in seven- and five-inch lengths (DPNs). Today I ordered yet another supply of needles. Five inch DPNs in 3 and 4, and 35-inch Crystal Palace circulars in 10 and 8 for the CPH sweater.

Today I discovered my new favorite online shop. The Knitting Shack in Wyoming, Michigan. They have a good online selection of the better yarns and needles, and the best part is, FREE SHIPPING. PayPal didn't include shipping in the total. I emailed the shop regarding my order and said that since I was in the middle of the project I was hoping to get the needles faster than US ground and was concerned that I hadn't been charged shipping. I made certain they understood I wanted to pay for shipping. They emailed back and said nope, we offer free shipping and it's going out Priority Mail so you'll have it Wednesday.

Who said Customer Service was dead? *grin*


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