Saturday, October 21, 2006

Project Updates (or, Bad Sox is Better Than No Sox At All)

I'm prone to rambling on and on. I am aware of this. I'm here to provide visual relief.

Bad Sox, Bad!
These are the sox I began while Mother was in the hospital. The LEFT sock was the first of the pair and was abandoned at the end because it was evident it was destined for frogville. My feet are NOT big. They are 7.5-8, AAAA. Yes. Narrow as all get out. These would fit my horse. Seriously. The RIGHT sock was my attempt at smaller needles. Apparently, size 5s weren't small enough (Leftie was knit on 6s). Plus it bulged at the join of the ankle and foot. I started it before Mother died and finished afterwards.

The Key to Better Sox
These fit!

Same yarn, different colorway (Patons SWS, which stands for Soy Wool Stripes). Soy! I eat it AND wear it! How odd. So I went down to 4s after doing some swatching and calculating. This was, of course, BEFORE I broke down and ordered Simply Socks and Sensational Socks. I always try to go it alone before asking for advice, LOL! I was following a pattern that had me turn the heel, then do short-row decreases to form the gusset, as follows:

K one round.
Next Round:
First needle—K across to LAST 3 STS, K2tog, K1.
Second needle—K24
Third needle—K1, SSK, K to end.
Repeat last TWO rounds until 48 sts remain.

I goofed. I did one round of knit plain, then 12 rounds of decreases without the knit round between them. And guess what?


This time, the blue and tan sock molded to my foot as if it were made for me. Uh, as I suppose it was, LOL! I knit on, finished the sock. One small problem: it wasn't exactly short, but just not quite as roomy at the toe as I like. I analyzed it and decided to go another quarter inch or so before decreasing for the toe on Sock #2, and VOILA. A sock that fits.

See the difference between Sox #1 & 2, and Sox #3?

Sock Fetish, or How I Spent My Inheritance (j/k)

Well, Michael's WAS having a sale... this was my post-funeral acquisition:

And these are my random skeins. On LEFT is a skein of Patons KroySocks in Krazy Stripes. On RIGHT is my lonely skein of Froehlich Wolle Blauband Jacquard #7821. It's enough for one sock. Froehlich Wolle is no longer producing yarn. This has been discontinued. Of course, that just makes it all that more appealing. :-) Thank God for the web, because I was able to locate its long-lost cousin vacationing at a yarn shop in Minnesota, and it's on its way home to us now.

Looks like the sock blockers I ordered will be coming in handy. I suppose it's time to dig out Priscilla's Dream Socks and get started, now that I'm all warmed up.


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