Thursday, October 26, 2006


While I wait for my needles to arrive in the mail... they were supposed to be here yesterday grrr. Oh, well. Probably this afternoon when the mail arrives (15 hours from now). I should not complain since the priority mail shipping was free.

I have some photographs of the two started CPH's to share. Because I wasn't sure about knitting on circulars, I kept the original I'd started on the straight needles in case I changed my mind about the circulars.

Doesn't this look like a smiley face?

Comparison side-by-side

The original colorway on straights

The colorway on circulars

On the circulars, it's a bit more stripey than I wanted. The original colorway really strikes me. If I went with straights instead of circulars, when I knit the fronts the colorway will be even more gradual, which I think I'd really like. Hence...

I'm beginning to think I should set aside the fancy colorway yarn (for now) and either

  • knit up the first CPH on circulars but in a solid until I get the hang of it. If I rush this one and mess up the colorway, I'll be so sad. Or,

  • do the crazy thing I thought of earlier—knitting the back off of two similarly-wound balls and somehow joining/crossing them in the middle so the colorways match the fronts.

My thought was, start the row with Ball #1, knit to the center back, then pick up Ball #2, knit to the end of the row. Turn the work. Knit to the center back with ball #2, pick up Ball #1, knit to the end of the row. Repeat. To join the yarns, I'd use the technique for joining a new yarn (stick the needle in the stitch, drop the first working strand, pick up the second working strand, knit the stitch with that strand, carry on). It would weave them together as they go.

That, or do it entirely in the round with steeks—but steeks are a horse of a different color and I don't want to make this too complicated! (Steeks, as I understand it, involve cutting down the center front upon completion. Sorry, but that terrifies me! I know others do it without consequence, but I have enough going on with this one to worry about that.)

More progress, this time for Socktoberfest. Another sock is born! I call this one Tyler Sox because the colors on the skein reminded me of one of my cat herd.

The Tyler Sox #1...

...and the cat who inspired the name.


At 8:12 AM, October 26, 2006, Blogger kelly said...


Thank you for the warm words of support that you left on my blog. I cant begin to imagine all that you've gone through this year, and yet you still have time to comfort a stranger. I love the knitosphere some days.

I actually saw your post a few days ago on the CPH KAL page and have been really curious as to what yarn you're using for your hoodie? It's lovely! The colour transistions remind me of Trekking XXL yarn, but worsted. So very pretty.

Anyway, thank you again. :)


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