Sunday, October 15, 2006

Whadda Ya Mean, It's Gonna Rain All Week?

According to the Weather Channel, all the sunshine is leaving and it will rain all week.

How depressing!

Then again, it's a great excuse to stay inside and KNIT.

What's that you say? Chores? Cleaning? Sorting through Mom and Dad's things? Digging out the rest of their tax information that didn't make it to the accountant's? Ahhh, that can wait. :-) I have all winter to putter around the house. Fall is horseback riding weather (except when it RAINS), and I haven't gotten to do nearly enough of that this year. But when weather does not permit, it's off to the needles I go.

I nearly finished the first of my "real" socks (meaning, knit at the gauge and size that actually fits my foot), then realized upon trying it on that it was too short. Got out the next size smaller DPNs. Thanks to a cool trick I picked up from I don't know where, I picked up all the stitches below where the toe decrease began, frogged it back, and as soon as I leave this blog, I'm going to reknit and add a few more rows before decreasing. I'll have barely enough yarn to finish.

Then the question is: do I start on Sock #2 of the pair, or move on to Priscilla's Dream Socks for Socktoberfest? The lavender yarn has been calling me... but I'll be on Size 2 aluminums. Ick. I've decided I much prefer Bamboo now. Do Bamboo DPNs come in a Size 2? Must search...


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