Sunday, December 10, 2006

Celtic (Almost) Knot-ted

Finally, some light at the end of one of the Xmas Tunnels. The second set of fingers is complete:

All that remains is to weave them in...

... then pick up the live ends of the I-cords, rejoin, and continue knitting for about 6.5 more inches.

I hope I have enough yarn...


At 10:40 PM, December 10, 2006, Blogger Carrie K said...

Oh, it is pretty!

Crossing fingers that you have enough yarn!

At 1:13 AM, December 11, 2006, Blogger tiennieknits said...

That looks very cool! Can't wait to see it all finished!

At 3:34 AM, December 11, 2006, Blogger Jeanne said...

Thanks, y'all!


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