Friday, December 08, 2006

Ten Knitterly Things

With far too much time on my hands tonight, I offer my entry into the MeMe race. Wait. How can I have free time when Christmas is only two weeks away? Did I finish everything?

Hardly. I just couldn't take it anymore after staring at my Double Eyelet socks for four straight hours trying to figure out where I went wrong, so I took the night off.

And promptly found myself so BORED I spent a couple hours monopolizing Stick Knits' Comments section trying to help her name her new cat.

I exhausted my creativity there; watched ER; then I rescued DVD #1 of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Liberty & Horse Behavior Course from the mess a certain feline who shall remain nameless (because I've no idea which of the five it was) created when he (ratio=4:1 M:F) jumped on top of the TV center (where he is not supposed to be) and his little feety pads, having nowhere to go, had to delicately maneuver around my precious DVDs go and knock them off onto the floor where the other cats carefully avoided stepping on them scrambled across them in the cat-panic that ensued when they were startled out of a sound sleep by the noise of the DVDs falling to the ground.

After collapsing in hysterics--the sobby kind, not the fun kind--and carefully cleaning the DVD which should have been in its case but wasn't due to my inherent laziness about these things, I played through it and PHEW it plays fine. Only a flesh wound. On the DVD, not the cats.

So. Anyway. Got a little distracted there. Without further adieu, I bring you my Ten Knitterly Things:

  1. I also weave. And crochet. True. I'm a member of the Dark Side. In fact, I learned to weave before I learned to knit. The main reason I learned to knit was because it's cheap(er), portable and doesn't require building an addition or kicking someone out of the house to make room for the necessary equipment.

  2. My goal: to be a knitwear designer, which is quite funny when you consider I've yet to learn how to design anything knitted (pattern-wise) and have absolutely no idea if I can even DO it.

  3. The perfect life: to live on a farm stocked with sheep, llamas, angora goats, and horses of courses; spend my days riding and playing with my horses and tending my fiber-bearers and my evenings in front of:

    • a spinning wheel, or
    • a loom, or
    • a roaring fire in the fireplace with my knitting in hand and my cats about me (in summer it would be a roaring fan)
    • get paid to do all of that. Or just win the stinkin' lottery already.

  4. I actually like acrylic yarn. But.

    • I prefer silk.
    • Especially when blended with non-itchy wool.
    • Can you tell I'm trying squeeze as many things into the alloted space as possible by cheating the system? ;-)
  1. I've learned to knit backwards. Now if I can teach myself to purl backwards and cable backwards, I'll never need to turn my work again. (Thus the argument for knitting everything in the round; except this way, I'll need fewer needles.)

  2. My sister used to knit (felled by Carpal Tunnel), but she didn't teach me. Nor did my knitting Grandma. They were both fantastic at the craft but had not the patience to teach. Therefore, I learned at a LYS.

    • My first project was a scarf (of course) BUT it had design features such as increases and decreases and putting half the stitches on a stitch holder to knit later that when joined to the other half made a hole for the end to be pulled through.
    • My second project was a sock.
    • Again with the squeezing of the space.
  1. I'm so stoked about bamboo needles (Crystal Palace Rocks! <--shameless plug) that I'm tempted to throw out my huge collection of aluminums, but of course the minute I do, I'll find a yarn that just won't cooperate with the bamboos and requires aluminum.

  2. Addi Turbos scare me.

  3. Cables are my favorite thing so far, because I finally learned how to do them without using a cable needle and gawrsh it's so simple... IMHO, cable needles are like Sweetest Day cards: somebody invented a need for an item nobody really needed before the item existed.

  4. I am a S.E.X. fiend. And yes, I pay good money for it. Every time.


At 3:23 AM, December 08, 2006, Blogger tiennieknits said...

Your knitterly things were great and funny too! What are you doing still up?!

BTW - Did you catch the McCreamy comment on ER? I nearly choked laughing! McDreamy, McSteamy, McStamos and now McCreamy!

At 9:44 AM, December 08, 2006, Blogger Fulkerson said...

Please please please post the directions for how to do those ornaments! It will save my life this Christmas--quite honestly. I owe ornaments in a swap with some friends and I'd love to do what you did. Thanks!

At 6:30 PM, December 08, 2006, Blogger Jeanne said...

Instructions posted, and... I'm a nightowl, Tiennie, what are you doing still up? ;-)


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