Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time to Fly

Thank you to the lovely knitbloggers who kindly participated in the Meme!

I'm off to parts unknown (to everyone but me and the person taking care of my cats) for the holidays so I won't be blogging until Tuesday or Wednesday. (OK, I'm going to PA to visit with the rest of the family. Hey, I wanted to sound exotic. Let the girl dream.)

Unfortunately, one of the gift recipients is unable to make it due to a misfire (she's a ceramicist and has a big art fair coming up). Had I found that out earlier, instead of staying up last night to finish her sock, I could have stayed up last night finishing someone else's sock. (Yes, that is correct. "Sock". Not "socks". Yes, they have both feet, just not both socks--yet.) Oh, well! What ya gonna do? And the Besotted Twins are being separated since Besotted Recipient #1 is the counterpart to Ceramicist-of-the-Socks, so only one Besotted needs finished now. I give up. LOL!

So I wish for all of you to have a safe, happy, enjoyable holiday wherever and with whomever you spend it.

Until next week, Merry Happy!

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At 10:42 PM, December 24, 2006, Blogger tiennieknits said...

Happy Holidays!


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