Thursday, January 11, 2007

School Daze

OMG. So tired. Long day today. Law, Econ, Surface Design, Weaving. Four classes.

Happy realization, though—I get the two "urgh" classes out of the way first, then I get to play with dyes and yarn the rest of the day. Much better to look forward to the last two classes than to sit there all day dreading the yucks. The yucks are overwith before I'm fully awake. (Actually the first two classes aren't all that bad, considering the subject matter is not my cup of tea.)

Weaver's Guild Meeting Tuesday night—I'm a new member, we had a potluck, it was nice, we had a scarf warp exchange. Fun. Each member warps yarn for a scarf, puts it in a plain bag, then we choose randomly. We take home the warp we get, put it on our loom, choose the weft yarns, and weave a scarf. Then we return it to the original person at a later meeting. The one I got has some interesting colors—maybe I can use some of my stash!

Bought more yarn. Not a lot. Two skeins of mohair in reds. Intended to blend with the red yarn for my attempt to do a Red Scarf Project scarf. Not sure it'll make it. I'm a bit late finding the charity. Anyway, I can justify that yarn by project, or I can use it in a school project.

OK. I'm dead tired. Must sleep. Just checking my bank balance and somehow wandered over to Bloglines (mistake). See you all later... *yaaawwwwwnnnnn* OH, excuse me.


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At 11:06 PM, January 11, 2007, Blogger tiennieknits said...

Go to sleep already!


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