Thursday, February 22, 2007

Accident Prone

Prone is what I may become after my latest accident. What is UP with me? I was never like this. I don't think so, anyway. I dunno. Maybe if Mom were around to ask... I just never thought of myself as clumsy. That title belongs to the niece of the socks. Not me.

So why am I on crutches for the third time in a year and a half?

Because I bunged up my OTHER knee today.

It's like this. I have to cross a fairly busy street to get to campus from the church lot where I park (it's bonafide student parking every day except Sunday) and vice versa. There are no shoveled crossing spots. The only way to get to pavement is by taking the long way round, which anyone who has ever done the mad panic dash to an exam would be familiar with. Needless to say, most opt to jaywalk and pile-jump (as did I). There are two types of snow piles between the sidewalk and the street: the tall ones and the small ones. I've been scaling mountains all week. Today after Econ, I decided to go for a small pile, thinking "It will be safer".

I was oh so very wrong. Almost dead wrong.

Had it not been for the fact, nay, the Saving Grace that at that precise moment, this busy street had zero zip zilch traffic on it, I might not be writing this tonight.

I looked both ways. It was clear. I stepped into the small pile and then took a step into the street. Honestly I don't know how it happened. All I know is that suddenly I was on the ground, with my head in the street facing what would have been oncoming traffic, and my left knee was bent way too far for its own good and underneath me and there was PAIN.

I squawked and hurled myself back into the snow pile and off the street then laid there in the snow clutching my knee praising all the highest Heavens above that there was a miraculous moment of no traffic just when I needed there to be no traffic.

Another student who'd been about to cross at the same time asked if I was all right and offered to help me up. I said "give me a minute". He did. Then he helped me up. This would be a great story if, when I stood up, I looked into his eyes and fell eternally in love, but, sadly, it didn't. Still, it was nice to be helped. I felt like a little old lady. He helped me up then helped me get down into the street and across safely. Then we parted ways. I hobbled the long block to my car. Then I sat there and sobbed. It hurt, and man, did I want my Mommy. I had a boo-boo and no Mommy to fix it. First time. It sucked.

Anyway. I drove myself home (TG for automatic transmission), called my insurance company (they changed my stuff, I now have a really high ER co-pay, a high deductible, and absolutely no doctor co-pay). They advised I get the doctor to order x-rays (cheaper). Called the doctor—another miracle! An opening! I went over right away, then to the hospital for x-rays.

Then, I went back to campus (with crutches) and hobbled into surface design. Did not get much done (couldn't stand up long enough). Went to weaving instead (same instructor) and finished up all my samples. Love that double weave!

So now I'm in waiting limbo. It hurts like a son of a emmeffing beeyotch! It's quite swollen. The doctor didn't want to say sprain or torn ligaments until he sees the x-rays. Of course, in my experience, x-rays don't always show it. My broken cartilege in the right knee went undiagnosed for over a month (despite my invalid state) until the MRI. Oh God. That just reminded me of the cortisone shot. OH. GOD. NO. I'd rather have a toe severed than undergo that again. Not that I want a severed toe, just sayin'.

Well, here I am, laid up yet again, with nobody around this time to wait on me hand and foot and commiserate. And it's exam week. And spring break is in another week. And the relatives are coming next weekend (not this one, next one) expecting ME to help them move furniture.

Oh, ha ha ha ha ha.

I didn't even get the good drugs this time. Darn it. Ibuprofen just does not cut it.

Photos tomorrow.



At 2:48 PM, February 22, 2007, Blogger Mother of Chaos said...

OWIES!!! Oh man, no fair. That should have been good for some Vicodin at least!!!

Hope it's feeling better soon.

At 2:56 PM, February 22, 2007, Blogger Cindy G said...

Hi Jeanne,
The link worked, thanks! Sorry to hear about your knee, what a PITA. I, too, send wishes for recovery (and Baxter sends his).


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