Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Arises

OK. Quick update before I settle in for Can't Miss Thursdays. To my loyal faithful readers who expect to see more of me around here, I heartily apologize for the blogging lack. Blame it on college and five classes (two of which are studios). But enough whining. I'm here for a second.

The end result of the group project was: we supposedly made $225 dollars, meaning we "made goal". I'm questioning the validity of the dollar amount. It's not like the prof checked the source. I got the honor of drawing the names from the hat (I volunteered publicly to make sure we really did it). This is how it went:

Me: "John... Doe**".

Her: "Oh. (long pause) He said if we drew his name just put it back and draw another he doesn't want the prize he just wanted to help us out."

Me: "OK... Granny Dearest**".
Her: (nervous giggle) "Eh-heh, that's my grandma..."

Me: "Third time's a charm... Yo Mama**".

Her: "Uhhhhh... *blush* my Mom..."

The rest of the group: *exchanging glances*

Me: "Ms. Legitmate Entry".

Her: (grabs tickets and hat from my hand) "Great we'll give the prize to Ms. Legitimate Entry and my Mom thankyouverymuchseeyalater—" (runs from classroom).

Me: Ohhhh kayyyyy....

What do you wanna bet, Ms. Entry got her $100 but Her Mom got squat?

What-EV-ah. I lived.

My group for the Real Class Project is much more interesting. Me and three guys. One of whom could be Jake Gyllenhaal's twin brother. Especially around the eyes. If Jake had brown eyes.

In other news, it's snowed, it's cold, and I'm bohed. <--bored. Hey. It had to rhyme.

**Names changed to protect the... oh, who the hell cares?



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