Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's a Cold Day in Hell!

Oh. My. God. Alert the media. Wait—they alerted me.


This has not happened in 16 years. (Seriously. Every school within 500 miles can be closed, all extra-curricular activities cancelled, and road conditions upgraded to "only travel in extreme emergency" and our school will be the sole remaining academic institution available to students who just can't stand the thought of a day without learning. *ahem*)

We are having a blizzard. Expected is 4-8 inches of white stuff by the evening commute, followed by another 6-10 tonight and another 3-6 on Wednesday. They think we could get up to 10-20 inches total.

Now. I was a teenager in 1978, the Year of the Great Blizzard. The year Dad chopped up the kitchen chairs and burned them in the fireplace to keep us alive, warm and fed while we were trapped for three days in our home without heat or electricity. It was all a big adventure to me, but now I wonder how terrified my parents were. There is coal and firewood in the deck room. There are matches.

Should I go back to bed and relish the fact that I get a day to sleep in (maybe two) after staying up til 4 AM doing homework?

Or... should I be scared?

Thank God I got milk yesterday.


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