Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We've Been Upgraded

It's official. We are now at Level Three Snow Emergency. That means drive only if you're hoping to spend the night in jail. In some parts of the region, that might not be a bad idea, considering that 10,000 Toledo Edison customers have lost power and it's c-c-c-cold. (Not me, yet, thank GOD, I'm with a different power company but my old house might be affected.)

The University policy is, if it's Level 3, no school. Except they have not officially announced the cancellation yet. I can't see how, with the snow still coming down, we'd be downgraded quickly enough in the morning to allow for only if really necessary travel. It's supposed to keep snowing until noon. The guys came to plow out my drive. It was a wasted effort (which I'll probably be billed for) because it's all drifted over now.

This is ridiculous. Everybody and their Mother, cousin, sister, and second great-aunt twice removed has cancelled. Even bridal shops are announcing their closings. What is up with that? Unless it's for the poor brides who were going to get married on V-day. But the University is holding out. For what? Level 4? There IS no Level 4. Level 4 is the return of the Ice Age.

Welp, that may indeed be exactly what their criteria is, come to think of it.

Must go watch the news (again). Stay warm!



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