Saturday, March 31, 2007

What's For Dinner, Ma?

So this pet food recall thing... for the past couple of weeks, after frantically checking the recall website, I've been thanking my lucky stars that my cats eat Fr*sk*es canned food (not on the list) and H*ll's Sc*ence D*et C/D (not on the list). The pricey dry food is all Tyler's fault: last summer he had a little trouble with his urine output and some crystals, and the vet prescribed it. I can't very well separate five cats all day, so they all had to eat the same thing. Hence, they all are now high-maintenance dry food eaters.

So I've been filled with relief thinking we're in the clear. Although past experience has taught me to be relieved, yet cautious until the authorities give the all-clear.

I went to my vet's office today to load up on dry food for the felines, as we are just about out. Spent $90 on two huge bags of H*ll's Sc*ence D*et C/D.

Got home. Few hours later, it's on the news. H*ll's M/D dry food is being recalled because it contains wheat gluten from that awful factory that's producing the rat-poisoned food.

Note the difference: C/D (mine) versus M/D (not mine, bad).

I've scoured the H*ll's website. They swear that only the M/D is affected because it is the only one that contains wheat gluten. I checked the label. No wheat gluten in my C/D.


I hesitate to feed them. I'm scared now to feed my cats anything that came from the store because I don't know what is in it. I don't know if I'm taking good care of my beloved kitties or unwittingly conspiring to their tragic deaths by supplying them with dry, overly-priced kibble and their nightly treat of wet food (it's a treat—I split one can five ways so as not to overstuff them). I mean, every day another brand announces a recall—who's next? How can I trust that just because Brand X cat food is assumed to be unaffected today, that it will remain unaffected tomorrow? Or will I hear that Brand X #666 is being recalled because of pet deaths... then look at the can I fed the night before and find a match?

So far, KNOCK WOOD, they all appear to be as healthy as they've ever been. But I blanched when I read a related article online that stated the owner took her cat to the vet after noticing a strong ammonia smell in the litterbox and found out the cat did have some issues. The article may have been misleading, though, because it didn't say that the issues arose from eating tainted food.

The key is that I've got some foul litterboxes sometimes. I'm talking eye-stinging.

Of course, that could be due to my, er, overlooking the cleaning regimen sometimes when I get so busy I forget what month it is.

So, as dinnertime approaches, I have to wonder: do I feed them tonight, cross my fingers that our food is safe, and risk it; or starve them out of panic until this all blows over?

They don't understand that if I choose to withhold food, I'm doing it for their own good. Maybe it's time I start cooking for them. *sigh*



At 4:40 PM, March 31, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Had a similar panicky web-search this morning thanks to Mommy and Daddy Sheep calling from Florida all up in arms. The food is fine. The cats are fine. I am a wreck. If I have to go stare at that litter box one more time wondering if that is what things have always looked like, I will go stark, raving mad.

And the cats are perfectly fine and happy.



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