Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All At Once

Why does everything always have to happen at once? Why can't things space out in an even and balanced manner?

I missed Law Exam Part II. That's bad. The prof is willing to let me make it up. That's good. I'll get penalized for taking it late. That's bad. But at least I get to take it. That's good.

But he wants me to stay after class tomorrow and take it.

That's bad.

Because I have to be in Econ right after Law. I cannot miss one more Econ class if I want to pass. So I HAVE to be there. Plus, we're having a QUIZ in Econ tomorrow. Which I cannot miss if I want to pass. I shot an email to the Law prof explaining this and offering to take it either immediately after Econ or during class itself but won't find out until tomorrow what the answer is. Which sucks, because he's kind of doing me a favor letting me take it at all.

So there's the dilemma—which class shall I fuck up? Law, or Econ? If it's a choice between which test I take at 11:30 AM, what do I choose? At this point, both classes are in jeopardy (thank God I seem to be doing very well in the other three). Me, the "can't believe I didn't get an A in this class" perfectionist grade-hungry student, sitting squarely at C-level in Law AND Econ with two and a half more weeks left to determine if I maintain that. There is still a chance I could pull myself up to a B IF and only if I:
  • attend every single class
  • turn in all the homework
  • do well on all the quizzes
  • actually take all the quizzes
  • read the rest of my Econ book
  • retain what I've read in Econ (Law is open book, so it's how fast can I find the info)
This sucks.

I'm SO way beyond ready to get out of these classes. I put in 8 hours on the loom today but I finally got the damn thing off the loom. Hurrah.

Must go read my Econ some more.

Y'know what?

I just realized, I really just don't give a shit what happens with those classes anymore. I made a huge mistake overloading myself, and apparently this is the price I pay. Live and learn.



At 9:05 AM, April 11, 2007, Anonymous Erin said...

I was a grade grubber in my earlier life and I even have four credits of C in Accounting sitting on my transcripts. And, I am here to report that the four credits of C haven't negatively affected my life at all. Well, except for one time when my father (whose degree is in Accounting) and my mother (who teaches Accounting) teased me for about five minutes when I told them -- but, other than some good family teasing, it hasn't affected me one bit. Embrace your Cs and just resolve to try harder next time. Live and learn is right!!

At 1:37 PM, April 11, 2007, Blogger Mother of Chaos said...

Aw. You have my empathy. I once decided it would be a good idea to take six heavy classes all at the same time. While working full time and with two small children in the house.

NOT my smartest move ever. Thank goodness I had a four hour daily train commute to do my that really a plus...?

Hang in there! Someday, you'll look back on all this and laugh. Granted, the laugh may be a touch on the hysterical side, but still... :)

At 4:39 AM, April 12, 2007, Anonymous tiennie said...

Aww crap! You're totally stressing me out and I'm not even in school anymore!

At 6:05 PM, April 12, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Well...this probably isn't ideal, but it may come to making up one of the classes. Like you said: live and learn. Is either professor open to the idea of an 'incomplete?' I lived in the world of Overload for a while and I feel your pain.

Maybe your advisor can help you out here. I was forever making last minute pleas in both my graduate and undergraduate years and often had some pretty good results.

Good luck!!


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