Tuesday, April 24, 2007


...to add that I finished the warp for my final weaving project 9 yards short of the black yarn. That's OK because that's the selvage and I'm making yardage that will be cut up later anyway; but that's bad, because... gee, I was kind of hoping to use it for the weft as well. No weft. We recalculated and discovered I actually needed FOUR cones of the black, not one. So my weaving project is on hold until three cones or pounds can be ordered. At $25 each. This had better be a damn fine lookin' coat when I get done with it because it's costing me a fortune!

Instructor agreed with me that the three of four fabrics are way too nice to rip up. So I'll try it on a smaller scale, and if I need more, I'll just dye more. Apparently she's not too worried about when I'll turn in stuff since she'll be seeing me all summer in the lab anyway.

The snotty part of the cold has left; all that remains is a cough. I can live with that. OK. It's beautiful outside. Go enjoy your day.


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