Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spring Cleaning

It's finally happening. Tomorrow, two non-working friends are going to help me load up a UHaul with the rest of the stuff at my old house. Then it will all take up residency in the childhood home. This weekend, I've been shifting around stuff to make room for the incoming boxes. Oy.

I know I'll take one look at the newly-created box farm and want to cry at the prospect of unpacking everything (the mess, dear God, the mess); but I also know that once I've unpacked, reassessed, reassigned, put away, and de-boxed, I will feel SO GOOD knowing that I'm finally done with the old place and can put IT on the market, too. All the stuff will be in one safe place, and I can spend the rest of the summer sorting (in between fun, of course).

The ancient Schwinn 5-speed was rescued from the shed. It's still in pretty good condition for being 33 years old (sky blue) but it needs new tires and a tune up. I'll probably take it to the bike shop Tuesday. No sense wasting a good bike in a good bike-riding neighborhood, eh?

I've also done two of the five loads of laundry (eight if you count the sheets and comforters that need to be washed before being stored) and taken some tubs of clothes to the storage unit. When I have all my cast-off clothes in one place, they're being sorted. I'm purging. It dawned on me that there are several tubs of clothes in sizes 12-16 that I have not even thought about, yet they have somehow travelled from childhood home to 1-BR apartment to 3-BR townhouse to 3-BR house back to childhood home without ever leaving the box. That is over a ten-year period. TEN YEARS I have been dragging this stuff around with me. I haven't seen size 12 in a long, long time. It is time to say goodbye and let go. I'll only keep a couple of sentimental favorites, or stuff I've made myself. Everything else? Goooooooood bye.

Other than that, I've been really busy with the TKGA Masters' Swatches again. I had a burst of renewed vigor and attacked with a vengeance. I have 5 swatches to go, then the hat project, then the paper work and I'm sending it off this month. I could be really anal about it and fuss over every little detail of every swatch—is my tension even? how about the selvedges?—but I've decided, I'm just going to knit the way I knit (which I think looks pretty good) and let the TKGA committee decide if it's Masters Level I quality or not. Worst case scenario, I have to redo a bunch of swatches. Best case scenario, I pass with flying colors. Most likely I'll have some redos but that's OK with me.

Well, I'm starving. Hope your weekend is going well!


At 7:41 PM, June 03, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Sounds like a lot of work, but very, very satisfying!

At 11:27 PM, June 03, 2007, Anonymous tiennie said...

Hope the move goes well. Just think of how great you'll feel when all of this is finally done.


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