Saturday, September 29, 2007

Almost An FO

My Waving Laces are nearly finished. I'm past the heel on Sock #2 and nearing the finish line. I really love this pattern. Once you've knit through the repeats enough times, it is easy to memorize. They will definitely be knit again.

Next in line are Cookie A.'s Red Herrings. Mine, however, are the Blue Herrings because I'm using Sandnes Garn Lanett in a teal blue and beige rather than brown and red. I got gauge on 0's, wouldn't ya know it. They're singing on my Addi's.

For my third sockaholism enabling, I also have Nancy Bush's Traveler's Socks OTN. I was going to knit them in Schaeffer Anne but since the I Love Ganseys got frogged and I love the Wildfoote yarn, I'm knitting them from that.

In addition, now that I found the Knitscene mag with the pattern in it (it was lost), I got gauge on the CPH and... drum roll... will be casting on either tonight or tomorrow.

Do I have a problem with monogamy? Only in regards to knitting, thank you!

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