Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fear Not

Fear not, for I have decided to see my doctor in the—I was gonna say morning, but let's be honest and just say during the daylight hours.

I've had the thing propped up and Ace bandaged all night (old pro at that, after all the mishaps I've had), been taking it easy, watched Cavemen/Carpoolers/House/Behind the Music: Vixen, called a friend, watched When Harry Met Sally and have basically been off it all night.

Somewhere between the friend call and the beginning of WHMS I took a Vicodin for the pain. I should feel nothing right now. OK I feel... verrrrry drowsy and out of touch with my body, but I can feel two distinct spots that are definitely ouchie and I know that's not right. Besides, I need to make sure that was bronchitis I had (and not allergies to dog, smoke, or Rocker Boy) and get a prescription filled so it's time.

Xrays cost less if the doctor orders them than if I went to the ER. But I'm going. This hurts a little more than it should. Although I'm not nauseated. Which I was when I broke all the cartilege in my knee two years ago. So I dunno. Better safe than sorry, though...

Nightie night...



At 3:48 PM, October 24, 2007, Anonymous Laura said...

Feel better soon


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