Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Natural Hair Color? Uh, What's That?

My natural hair color is fast becoming grey. Not that I'd really know the true color, since I started dyeing it in the 1980's.

Back then it was mostly blue-black—Black Azure, I think it was called. Depending on what was in style, it was usually blue-black with variations.

One time, after being inspired by George Lynch's cool hair (guitarist for Dokken), I did the top light and the bottom dark—but red and black rather than blonde and black because my stylist said no way are we gonna get your hair to go blonde without making you bald.

Another time, I had a stylist bleach out just the ends, about three inches' worth, as blonde as she could get them. I've had streaks. I had the half-mullet or whatever you called it when I copied Stephen Pearcy of Ratt and had the left side cut wicked short while the rest flopped over my right eye.

Mostly, though, it was blue-black, layered, and ratted up to within an inch of its life. I never ever had mall bangs because (no offense) I thought it looked stupid to have just the front part teased up and in some cases out around the face like a flower then have the rest flat. If you're gonna do it, DO IT. Commit to the hairspray. Tease the everlovin' sh** out of it. I looked like Nikki Sixx's little sister.

**edited to add: I just found out Mr. Sixx is recently divorced. Oh boy... he's single again! (Yes, I still have a raging crush on him) :-D **

Then I went to college and went "normal", and for the most part my hair has varied from a rich brunette to a near-auburn. Once it was burgundy (my Mother liked that). A few times I had the appropriate lighter streaks—highlights?

Until last year. Then I got the blonde streaks. Then I started dyeing them, too. We found a lovely hot pink which was supposed to be purple but on my hair pulled red causing it to go pink. We got closer to violet by adding blue. We were all set to add more blue this next time, when BOOM.

The company that made the fashion color stopped making it.

But my stylist found a new color. Instead of the labor-intensive process of dyeing the "foils" (blondes) separately with the fashion color and the roots/rest dark brown, she found an all-over called Blueberry that she said should be a violet-black not unlike my old blue-black but purple instead of blue, and that the blonde parts were expected to turn a "more neon violet".

I said "go for it".

Here's the result:



At 8:58 PM, November 13, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Hair was meant to be played with. Unless you are an elementary school teaching and then you can only do it in the summer. Or if you have a stylist who forbids it. Or a Future SIL who is terrified of how you will look in her bridal party...


At 5:01 PM, November 14, 2007, Anonymous tiennie said...

My hair is as boring as can be but I like it 'cause I'm lazy like that. Gret hair!


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