Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cosmic Butt Crack

Well, I feel better today. Apparently there was a cosmic misalignment yesterday that involved healing old wounds. (I'm serious.)
Daily Cosmic Calendar: December 03, 2007
Easy does it! The first workday of December is a whirlwind of intensity. Giant Jupiter in Sagittarius makes an abrasive 45-degree link to Chiron in Aquarius (9:34AM PST). If you are feeling wounded and hurt - particularly on emotional and psychological levels - join the club. The object is to heal old pains from the past on a high note. Helping you do that are a Venus-Pluto supportive, 60-degree alignment (2:34PM PST) and this evening's Sun-Chiron 60-degree tie (7:33PM PST). These two sky patterns can certainly assist you in neutralizing the shadow side and fallout from this morning's Jupiter-Chiron clash. The Venus-Pluto rapport also gives romantic bonds a well-deserved boost. Nevertheless, the universe is still operating in a kind of staccato, uncertain manner since Mercury in Sagittarius squares Pallas in Pisces (2:41PM PST) while the Sun in Sagittarius makes an awkward, 150-degree link to Ceres in Taurus (10:28PM PST). The Mercury-Pallas liaison reminds you to be somewhat cautious while involved in business meetings and in vital communications. The Sun-Ceres association suggests improving your diet and becoming more aware of nutritional needs. Try to maintain your productivity in key crafts and hobbies despite the strong array of challenging aspects. You may gain some solace from a Sun-Moon 60-degree rapport tonight (9:25PM PST). The Moon continues its march through airy Libra - rekindling the need to improve the quality of primary partnerships.
Whereas part of today's read:
Daily Cosmic Calendar: December 04, 2007
After yesterday's cosmic slugfest, the universe retreats into a much calmer state of reality... reflect on recent gains and losses without getting down on yourself for past errors and poor judgment. Like yesterday's psychic atmosphere in connection with Chiron, you may find golden opportunities for healing old wounds.
All I know is, please keep the cosmic slugfests at bay, willya Universe?

I find it quite interesting that my mood was indeed influenced by the planetary alignments and I didn't even read the Cosmic Calendar yesterday.

Anyway. All better now. Sun came out. Woke up in better spirits. Spent eight hours at the old house. Pulled up old carpet staples, swept, vacuumed, cleaned windows/walls, took down cat-hair-infested curtains, cleaned out fridge, cleaned stove, mopped kitchen, last-minute tidying... all the bedrooms are ready for their closeups (being photographed tomorrow for the listing). The living room is ready. The kitchen is ready. The basement? Not so much. Ran out of time and energy by 9:30 PM.

The toilets are beyond cleaning. The date stamped on the inside of the tanks reads June 1976. Wow. The original potties. It's nearly quease-inducing to think of the amount of unknown butts that have graced them since the house was built in 1976. I've had the house for eight years. It had at least 10 owners before me. That's a lot of butts. The real estate agent advised me to replace them. The faucet in the upper bath has a broken handle (no ceramic for me, thanks) and drain stopper. The kitchen faucet has developed an untimely leak around the base. I videotaped it to share with the guy at Home Depot.

I went to Home D for the toilets—the old ones are cheap, the new ones are, too. They're the most popular all-in-one kit toilet that a lot of apartments and new homes use. Isn't it wonderful? Their spend $299 no interest no payments til January 2009 promo ends December 5th. Perfect timing. I bought two toilets, a faucet for the bathroom, a faucet for the sink, a welcome mat, two curtain rods, and 48 sixty-watt light bulbs (a four-pack for 77 cents? Steal!).

The total?


Go me!

Why is that so important? Because I broke my no credit card rule just for this purpose and to get the promo, I had to spend $299. I used my HD card. That way it doesn't come out of my survival money, and I have at least a year before I have to pay it off (which I will as soon as the house sells).

Guess who is installing it all?


I was all set to put the installation on the card but the guy in plumbing told me "it's easy. You can do this. It'll take you five minutes to pull out the old toilet, and ten minutes to install the new one. They charge $129 PER TOILET to install them." He went on to tell me how to do it: remove the covers at the base, remove the bolts, shut off the water, unhook the hose, pull out the old toilet, put the ring down, put the new one in place, hook up the hose, bolt it down, done. No fancy equipment needed. He reassured me that a girl in another department who'd never done any home remodeling bought the same model and installed it easily, and that if I was comfortable with my compound miter saw and installing Pergo, this would be a breeze.

Hope he's right.

So Wednesday I become a plumber for a day. My friend C, who has been a Godsend since everything erupted last year (could not have gotten moved without her help), is meeting me in the afternoon to help me install them. Should be interesting.

Someday, I'll be finished with the house, it'll be sold. Someday, I'll be released from all of this leftover stuff. Someday, the estate will close, my obligations here will end, and I'll be moved on. Someday.



At 9:51 AM, December 05, 2007, Blogger becky c. said...

You can totally do it, no problemo.


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