Monday, January 07, 2008

Follow Up

The painting is finished, the blue tape removed and for once, it came off PERFECTLY (no bungled paint). I think there must've been something wrong with the paint at the old house because things chipped and flaked off too easily there. Oh well. Done with that house. Working on this one now. It's awesome. I LOVE IT!

It seems that for some reason my parents chose a very pale blue for the walls. It's noticeable now from the bathroom (which is light pink) looking out the door past the hall wall into the very pale yellowcream room. No wonder it looked like a cave! But now it's warm and cozy.

Danielle suggested I do the Clean Sweep while I have the chance. The only challenge is that I live in NW Ohio and it is January. While it was a balmy 63 today, it's damp, and it will be raining then snowing soon. Today is a fluke (a welcome one). Clean Sweeping will have to wait until spring... or even summer. I am garageless, basement-less, and otherwise space-challenged. So I'm doing the best I can with the puzzle moving.

I do plan to Clean Sweep the attic, two sheds, and the deck room come spring, though. Tools. It'll be nothing but tools.

Well, I must return to furniture moving...

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At 8:05 PM, January 07, 2008, Anonymous tiennie said...

You need to be snapping some pics so we can see all this before and after you are doing!

At 10:39 PM, January 07, 2008, Anonymous danielle said...

LOL. I meant that you should use the empty space in the library to spread out your piles (of stuff, if not furniture). Congrats on an excellent paint job none the less!

At 12:23 AM, January 08, 2008, Anonymous Carrie K said...

You did the Painting! Yay!


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