Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet Another Time Suck

White Dwarf the Game

If you start playing that game, you will not want to stop. Just sayin'.

I'll tell ya, the horoscope (to the right) is dead-on today. I just wanna escape the outside world. There is zero motivation for organizing. It's one of those days when I look around and simply cannot fathom how I'll ever get it done. Temporary mindsetback, I know. It'll pass.

So what did I do today (so far)?

I had breakfast.

I did some serious thinking (my morning ritual, when I have my revelations).

I relocated my board games to another room and I put away the knitting books that were on the dining room table. (Microscopic progress *sigh*)

Lately I hate Sudoku because I've managed to eff up three games in a row.

I decided to play myself in a game (boardgame) of UpWords. I won. I also lost.

I considered playing myself a (board) game of Empire Builder but got distracted by an errand and the computer.

I took my books back to the library (the ones that were overdue) and dropped off the electric/water bill payment.

I nosed around in Second Life for about 15 minutes until it logged me out mid-flight. *shrug* Didn't really want to be there, just wanted to accept my friend's Friendship Offer.

Um... forgot to buy camera batteries which was one of the reasons I ventured out. *sigh* I suspect it's not the batteries, though. I suspect it has to do with the position of the battery compartment near the place where I hold it. Maybe something is loose. Or maybe it IS the batteries. Maybe it doesn't like rechargeables as well as the manual says it will.

I think I'm going to go design me a sock. Oh. It's Thursday, isn't it? YAY! Grey's is on in a bit! Finally. A reason to live today. (Do you ever have days like that or is that the "blessing" of being temporarily liberated from the workforce?)



At 1:19 PM, January 18, 2008, Blogger Alice said...

I have been workforce liberated for almost 4 years due to medical stuff. The beginning was like what you are describing. Seeming lack of purpose and focus. Live for the day when you could go to the grocery store...

That passed. I love it now.

Go ahead and design that sock, then knit the other one. In the meantime pet the animals.


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