Friday, February 08, 2008


Feline Urinary Syndrome.

That's what Tyler has. The prescription was for Very Expensive Food, which is exorbitant when one has five feline mouths to stuff.

But Stick to the rescue.

She recommended I try a product that worked for her bunch and got them off of the VEF. While I didn't get the exact brand, I did find a brand at my LPS that contains the exact concentration of ingredients, and, uh, the label art is stunningly similar—leading me to believe that the same manufacturer produces it, just distributes under a couple different labels. You do know that pies are distributed the same way, right? The apple pie put out by Mrs. X's Fancy Pie Co. is the same pie as packaged by Grandma Y's Homelovin' Pies; one company makes them, and the individual pie companies just add a different design on the crust and fancy boxes.

Anyway. I chopped up a tablet and Tyler enjoyed 1/4th of it. Blue snatched one of the quarters and gobbled it down, and little orange piggie Jake managed to swipe two. Oink. Neither Zander nor Ophelia was the least interested.

I'll try crushing and working into Tyler's wet food treat tonight to see if that helps. He'll probably need to be isolated to prevent the gobblers from attacking, but if it means he gets supplemented, it's worth it.

Anyone every try No Scratch spray? Does it work? Any home remedies besides double-sided tape (ick) or tin foil (sort of works)?



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At 2:52 PM, February 09, 2008, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

I've had mixed results with the spray. Some cats seem to smell it and run away. I've had other cats never even sense a difference. My solution is to accept that I have no control over the situation and just learn to live as I'm told.


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