Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammar Moses?

Who knew?

How grammatically correct are you?

You are a MASTER of the English language!

Huzzah. While your English is not exactly perfect, you are still more grammatically correct than just about every American. Others admire the way you speak and could learn a lot from listening to you. Still, there is always room for improvement...
Take this quiz!

And in other news, because I find these so utterly fascinating...

Daily Horoscope
For 12 February 2008
Financial matters are particularly important in the development of direction and career interests during February 12-17. Good fortune smiles on you in more ways than one, making for a happy, successful period.

Weekly Horoscope
For the week starting 11 February 2008
Monday brings a close alliance between the Sun and Neptune so check where you stand with regards to any shared resource as otherwise you may be taken for a ride. There may be a mystery that needs solving regarding a legacy or connected to a loan or an insurance claim. Friday brings a helpful link between the Sun and Mars that could bring a substantial financial benefit that will be strongly connected to your distant past and one of your parents.



At 8:40 PM, February 11, 2008, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

I am a Grammar God. Which means I talk wicked good...


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