Friday, May 02, 2008

One Weird Dream

I think I'm healthy again? Much better, anyway. Back to life with 90% less whooping cough.

What do you suppose it means when you dream that you've just returned home from Prom (?) and you go into your back bedroom intending to blog about it, and you open the door and find your entire computer is GONE—all that's left is a white keyboard with purple keys and a laptop. You SCREAM!!!!! as if they've just ripped your heart from your chest while it was still beating. Then you go through the awful thoughts: horror, sick, OMG I left the door unlocked, all my info, all gone, disgust, depression, hating myself for their idiocy and for letting down my guard, for trusting my neighbors, then great now I have to call the cops, I have no serial numbers, where is all that stuff in this mess...

Then you realize the desk is completely new, not your old desk... the laptop is a brand-new MacBook Air with a keyboard attached, and your mess (of books, papers, detritus) is gone, too. So like, what, they came in and stole the mess? Not likely.

Then it hits you and you feel like an ass, because you realize you'd upgraded your computer and desk and somehow finally gotten organized, and you'd completely forgotten you'd done so, and your freak out was completely unwarranted.

Yeah. It was only a dream (sadly, cuz I'd love a MacBook Air, or even a new desktop when I can afford it) but is that weird or what? Forgetting you upgraded? And Prom? Uh, that is so 29 years ago.



At 2:31 AM, May 02, 2008, Anonymous tiennie said...

I think this means that you have a lot to cherish that you don't want to disappear so you know you have to protect them the best way you can. Analysis over now. :)


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