Thursday, July 03, 2008


Thank you for the kind words.

Oh, there may be hope. We'll see. I'm believing—intending—that out of this experience, positive goodness will come.

Awhile back, Big L*ts had a major overstock on my favorite deoderant. I'd stocked up with about ten of them. They cost $1.85 each. I'm on the last one. Time to replenish.

I went to the grocery store today for various sundry items and stopped in the de-stinkifier aisle for the product.

Once I removed my eyeballs and jaw from the floor, I quickly left the aisle, still stinky.


$6.59 for a [blaspheme][blaspheme] DEODERANT?!?!?

I think this makes it a "special occasion" fragrance.

(OK. To be fair. I can get it online for less. But still. Such expensive underarms.)


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