Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fireworks Day

I'm blogging this while awaiting the arrival of B. We are repeating Memorial Day festivities. Grilling and beer. For me, Black N Bleu burger; for her, either a BnB or a Cheddar N Bacon burger (they're premade that way and YUM). A couple sides, dessert, and Mexican beer (we likes our Tecates and Coronas with lime thankyouverymuch).

Then it's off to see the fireworks from our usual spot by the rec center on campus. They have surprisingly good displays here. It's only 72 today, partly sunny, rather nice. I'm surprised we haven't been hit yet with the sultries (95 in the shade and drippingly humid, requiring the use of A/C just to exist).

Good thing, though, because I still haven't taken down the storm windows to put up screens.

If I wait much longer, I can just leave them up.

Anybody want to buy a barely-breathed-on banjo? It's a Fender FB-55, the next level up from entry level, with hardshell case. I had it on eBay with a reserve. It didn't sell. I relisted. Someone asked how much the banjo weighed. I weighed it. Five pounds.

Next thing you know, I get a notice from eBay of a policy violation! I've inflated the shipping costs for something that doesn't weigh much! They pulled my ad! Because of the violation infringement, they are allowed to charge me the fees, DOUBLED because it was relisted!!!

Outraged? Moi?

I've contacted them TWICE. The first time, I told them I'd based shipping on the other auctions for "banjo with hardshell case" and actually worried that with the size, awkwardness etc of the thing, I was undercharging (because I was charging less than the others). AND, it's not the weight of the BANJO. It's the case! IT weighs a ton. The banjo is light as a feather. So the shipping is for the CASE.

As I explained to them.

They reassured me that the charges would be credited back.

They weren't. I owe them $17.30 for this venture. Fire off email #2, where I tell them in no uncertain terms that they are most definitely NOT charging my card, they are reversing this, explained once again why, explained that this is only my second-ever attempt at doing an auction (and at this rate, it will be my last), and then I cancelled my PayPal account so they can't dip into my bank account (although I'm sure they have my credit card on file but hopefully this will end all possibility of them charging it "legally", and if they do manage to finagle it, I'm calling the credit card company).

I'm hopping mad about that, can you tell?

All they had to do was notify me that I might be in violation and give me a chance to change the ad or something. This is flat out PUNISHMENT and I won't stand (or sit) for it. They're reversing the charges and that is final.

Oh, B is here! Yay, food and beer! Be safe and happy, y'all! Thank God for our independence.


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