Saturday, January 10, 2009

Valkyrie (The Socks, NOT the Movie)

Well, it's blacker than I anticipated, but my skein of BMFA Socks That Rock Mediumweight in "Valkyrie" has arrived! I can now begin swatching and knitting Mintyfresh's Leyburns (direct non-Ravelry link) for the Ravelry KAL (Ravelry link).

Good thing it got here yesterday. We had a snowstorm. Nothing drastic. Just several inches of gently falling white stuff that managed to accumulate. But it sure lessens the appeal of leaving the house. This is a great weekend to knit, read, and pet the cats.

And no, my color choice had nothing to do with Tom Cruise. I'm not a huge fan of his—I prefer Colin Farrell.

Since the object of the KAL is to have Leyburns knit in every single one of the more than 200 BMFA STR colorways, there is a master list of colors already chosen and in progress. So I whittled it down to what was left, looked at the options, narrowed it to six possibilities, and decided on Covelite. But then I saw a photo on someone's blog of an unwound skein, and it looked TOO purple. I already have way more purple in my sock yarn stash than I needed.

Someone else had already claimed Smoky Blue and Lunasea but somehow I'd missed it. So that left me with Jasper, Valkyrie, and Rauen (out of the yarns that most appealed to me—only 125 have signed up so far, there are plenty more colorways to choose from if you'd like to join). I like what the pattern does with stronger variegates, so that ruled out the Shaded Solid Jasper. I liked the deep reds and browns... so it was between Valkyrie and Rauen, and Valkyrie just looked... deeper and richer.

Except... it's really really really black. Pretty, but dark. The pattern has floats and might be a challenge to knit... I'm looking at Atomic 6 as my new option, if it's still available... dark, but not so much.

Time to swatch...

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