Monday, February 10, 2014

In a Bind

Yes, I still exist. Pardon my abruptness, but let's just get right to the point.

I'm still only working part-time. Granted, it's permanent, and it pays REALLY well, but while it covers the basics, there isn't enough of a cushion for Unexpected Expenses.

I've had a few lately.

First, I had to go on a payback plan for the property tax that had a small delinquency left over from when I wasn't working. Out of the five installments that are spread out over the next four half-year due dates (the first paid when I signed the agreement), Installment #2 is the trickiest. Three months in which to save up the installment PLUS the half-year amount--equal to two month's wages. (I can swing the July payment in five months and next February's in seven, but three months, after paying last July's taxes plus an installment in October? Seriously?)

I was close (no Christmas for me this year), but then the cat got sick, and what was supposed to be a minor financial ding turned into ever-mounting costs as surgery, supplements, special food, etc was added in.

Bye-bye, property tax money.

To avoid saying "hello foreclosure on the house in which I grew up over the mere sum of $2,000", I need to generate some cash fast. I've managed to save up a good chunk of it again, but I am still going to be short on Friday without a miracle.

I know my fundraiser (link below) is asking for the full amount, but as I've gathered some, I'd be happy if the $462 I've collected could increase to $1,000.

So I'm putting it out to the blogosphere to ask for help. Please share, contribute what you can, and if you prefer to send directly to paypal, my email addy is in the fundraiser story. The details of Blue's illness are in there, too. He's holding his own, but we have to fix this problem.

I'm not asking for much, just a few hundred total to bridge that gap. Every five, ten, and twenty dollar contribution helps.

Thanks in advance!


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