Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Temporarily Working" Cable Company

Apparently, sounding off helps. I must have barked loud enough for them to hear me all the way up in the Ivory Towers of TimeWarner™, because a MIRACLE has occurred.

Tonight I turned on my TV after returning from a long day of classes. What a day. Difficulty finding parking (again), missed Law, made it to Econ, suffered another inhumane quiz over stuff we just went over Friday and barely know, knocked over the pins in surface design (all over the floor, 100's of them), out of quarters, smallest bill was a five... a Jelly Side Down kind of day in a way (following a Jelly Side Down Week last week).

OH. The TV. Yeah.

Well, I flipped over to 341 (Showtime™) figuring that a glance at the silent, black screen would add fuel to my simmering rage—

And the channel was back.


And The L Word® replay was on at midnight.


Happy dance™.

In my email were two responses from TimeWarner™ and one from ShowTime™.

The first TW email said they'd try to get someone scheduled sooner.

The second TW email said they had someone available today (meaning Monday) and that someone over 18 had to be there, could I provide a cell number.

The ShowTime™ email said to their knowledge, they make all of their channels available and could I provide my city state zip so they could investigate further.

I'm glad ShowTime™ thought to respond. I can see them calling TW to inquire as to why their channels weren't being broadcast.

As for TW, either they didn't read my rant very carefully or they didn't look at the calendar because I told them I'm only available for service calls on Tuesday Thursday or Friday due to my schedule and today (yesterday) was Monday. I don't know if they went ahead and sent someone out and they were able to fix it on the outside, or if it's a miracle, but it's fixed, and I watched The L Word®, and that is ALL that matters.


Just had a thought. Maybe the CATS messed up something behind the entertainment center. Maybe they were trying to dial in the Cat Entertainment Channel and accidentally screwed up the signal. They looked a bit shifty and worn out when I got home. Like they'd spent the day trying to undo what they done did after seeing Momcat turn variegated purple and red last night.




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