Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Intrinsic Costs

I was going to post a long-winded entry outlining my feelings regarding the latest Estate developments. Then I read it and realized that I don't want to post something that I wouldn't want the other people involved to read because it is just too personal.

So I'll just say this: It's all about the intrinsic costs and the opportunity costs, people.

Maybe it's in everyone's best interest to settle the estate in the simplest way possible and not get into haggles over minutiae, because maybe some of the things they think they want to argue about aren't worth it.

Maybe, for example, since Allergic One declined the sofabed Mother left her, it might be better if it just stays here and maybe it would be kinder and more fair NOT to demand that I "pay" for it if I want to "keep" it—because I didn't "want" it as part of my inheritance, but if nobody else does, then I'll gladly let it stay here because I do not intend to go out and buy any new furniture, which means that because two sofas and an extra bed have already left the building, there is now only ONE bed (mine) and ONE (useable) sofa* in this house, and there are FIVE of you all who will not want to pay for hotel rooms when you visit.

Do the math.

If the sofabed stays here, I'll have places for at least three of the five to sleep. The other two will have to make do with the floor or supply an inflatable mattress.

Is that harsh?

*I inherited one of Mother's three sofas, which is useable; there is one other sofa, but it's out in the Cat Room, covered with hair, torn to shreds, and everybody is "allergic" to that much cat hair so they are very unlikely to want to sleep in the cat room with five cats, two litterboxes and the associated mutant giant dust bunnies from hell.



At 1:19 PM, March 07, 2007, Blogger Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, gads. This is the stuff that makes me crazy. I don't want it, but I don't wanna give it away either. So if you want to keep what I don't want to have, YOU MUST PAY.

There's logic for you. :-/

At 6:08 PM, March 07, 2007, Blogger Jeanne said...

You got it! There is also the question regarding the delineation between personal goods and communal household goods. It's a mess. I have to work out an agreement with the sibling and pray that her sense of fairness is similar to mine. Not fun.

At 8:17 PM, March 07, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Oh how ridiculous! Your willingness to keep something and store it rather than have them take it and find a way to dispose of it is a favor!!!!! Common sense just doesn't seem to rule in situations like these, I suppose.

I wish you luck on this one. I hate to see you stuck in the middle of all this.

At 10:21 PM, March 07, 2007, Anonymous tiennie said...

This is so awful having to deal with this crap. Your solutions sounds reasonable to me. Sorry!


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