Tuesday, June 12, 2007


That's right. I'm un-hijacking my own blog. This is supposedly a knitting blog. Where is the knitting? Oh. Between my brows. Well, that has to stop. It's time to redirect my focus.



I mean, that last post? Totally OT. Some of my visitors may be turned off when I go all introspective (some, like me, love it when bloggers veer off into the hinterlands of the brain). I will attempt to please everyone *wink* by killing two birds with one stone.

I set up a new WordPress blog. This allows me to:
  • test out WordPress
  • put the focus in this blog back on knitting, and move the major revelations to its own blog.
So. The new blog is Mental Manifestation ("it's all just...") <--what song am I paraphrasing?

This blog will continue to exist, but we'll get back to fibery goodness here. I hope you'll include the new one in your blogrolls if you're interested in the inner workings of my mind, my newfound possible ADD issue, and my experiences with the Law of Attraction in Action. Otherwise, over here we're getting back to our knitting content.

I sat outside in the beautiful weather this evening and finished a sock today. But I can't show it to you because it's a test knitting of someone else's pattern. I can say that the pattern and yarn initially gave me fits, but the yarn surprised me because it held up after frogging not once, not twice, but probably five times before I "got it". The finished sock is quite lovely. When the pattern goes public and I have permission to, I'll lead you to it.

Still working on the Christmas socks. Last year's. I don't know what I'm going to do this year. Perhaps hand-dyed or woven? OMG. It's JUNE. I learned my lesson last year.

Time to start working on Christmas 2007.

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At 4:26 PM, June 12, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Christmas knitting??? I guess I'd probably better get on that. I was woefully behind on the gifts last year. Thanks for the inspiration!

At 7:50 PM, June 13, 2007, Anonymous tiennie said...

So the knitting is coming back to knitty banter?! ;)


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