Saturday, July 28, 2007

In MY Yard!

I swear I was not dreaming or hallucinating last night. I wish I were. I did not have the camera ready (do I ever?) and it was far too dark to take a photo—besides, the flash might have scared him and that's the last thing I would want. But there it was. In my flowerbed out front. Ambling through, shaking off its little feeties, then scurrying away as I watched in horror.

A skunk.

There is no mistaking this, even in limited lighting. I was standing at the front window gazing outside while thinking (OK, talking to myself), when my eye caught movement near my feet (floor-to-ceiling window). I looked down. What the...

I saw a lump. It rooted around. It was as dark as the dirt. I saw a stub tail fluff. I thought, "Manx cat" because we used to have some (outside) and they'd bred (outside) and it was quite possible it could have been a tailless descendant of our previous feline herd.

Then it ambled into the barely-moonlit portion of the front walk.

I do not recall EVER seeing any black cats with two white racing stripes down their back from head to toe. I froze. I even stopped talking to myself for a minute.

It wandered off.

Dear Lord, please tell me that's NOT what has been living under my house all this time? Please tell me it's a fluke, and that I actually have a mole/groundhog like the nice varmint-disposer-ofer told me I had.

Do skunks burrow?



At 6:30 PM, July 28, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

We get a lot of skunks around here. And I fear that they do like to live under things if ours are any indication. I'd say that a call to animal control might be in order here!

They are sort of cute, but not the kind of critter you want wandering around! If anyone gets sprayed, remember to use an acid-based liquid to remove the smell...

At 8:11 PM, July 28, 2007, Anonymous Erin said...

My mother-in-law caught three skunks and two possums underneath her front porch. It was a party down there. We all thought that she was nuts until the litter critters were in a cage. Ooops :)

At 10:35 PM, July 28, 2007, Anonymous Stick said...

oh. not. good.

At 11:03 PM, July 28, 2007, Anonymous Lily said...

eeek! I have no idea if skunks burrow or not but that does not sound good.

Here is hoping no one gets sprayed. blech

At 9:03 AM, July 31, 2007, Anonymous Stacy said...

It's Stacy again... and yes, skunks do like to live in and under.
My ex husb and I had one living under our porch. Many a night we were woken by the smell of an electrical fire, which turned out to be little Mr.Skunk battling it out with the neighborhood strays!

We leaved in a small town, double houses with alley ways between, one way streets, etc. Only to find neighbors across the street were keeping trash in their garage and not taking it to the curb.

Unfortunately, we had to call a trapper to come take care of it. We waited out 6 months of the craziness of not using the front door/porch after dusk!! After $1400.00 in dry cleaning bills and carpet shampooers etc. We had to call a trapper.

So, keep in mind, Skunks are SO cute, from a distance! =) They burrow, they climb, they love small spaces and are fearless! =)


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