Friday, July 27, 2007


In Cars
Very interesting thing I learned about the "Low Tire" sensor in my 2001 Buick Regal aka The Mothership. Apparently, the old style of sensors only measure overall air pressure, whereas the newer models actually calculate the pressure of each individual tire. The Mothership has the old style.

As my very patient mechanic (VPM) explained to me when I whizzed into the shop in a panic for the forty-thousandth time this summer, unless all four tires have EXACTLY the same amount of air in them, the Low Tire sensor will go off. When one tire has more (or less) air in it than the others, it spins at a different rate from the others. The tire pressure sensor picks up on this, registers it, and sends out a LOW TIRE!!!!!!! warning to scare the bejeebus out of the driver with visions of high-speed blowouts in the middle of the night on a highway somewhere in Michigan. Only one tire was a tad low but not dangerously so.

My VPM evened up the pressure, reset the sensor, fixed the right windshield wiper (every now and then it gets a loose screw and refuses to do its job) and sent me on my way.

For free.

Gotta love that.

Must be why Dad patronized their shop for 40-some years.

In the Band Update department, major discussions have been occurring regarding the process by which we shall commence the recording. All are in favor of doing a test track with parts to be recorded in the following order: drums, bass, geetar (that's how Ron writes it), keyboards, vocals, rough mix for critique. Each of us has an older version of Cubase™ and the computer and modem power to handle file transfer, so it's up to the RandMan to start us off. I imagine it will take a few false starts to make it go smoothly. Hopefully we can hold off buying the latest version of one of the variations of the software until a bit later but if need be, we're all up for it.

I've been learning how to convert VHS to DVD to MPEG/MOV for uploading to YouTube (more to come on that later when the bugs are worked out) and cleaning the hell out of the house. Take that either way. Either I'm cleaning like hell, or I'm cleaning out the hell. Your call. ;-) Oh, there has been a bit of knitting. I got past the scalloped edge on the Waving Lace sox, just turned the heel, and am processing the gusset right now.

Oh, crap. There goes the thunder and lightning again. Gotta go—

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