Monday, November 05, 2007

No Effing Way

So I was about to head out to buy a new answering machine. In the lovely rain.

But I paused.

I looked at the machine, which I'd unplugged and wrapped up, ready for disposal. I thought,

"Oh, what the hey. I'll give it one last chance."

Plugged it in. Poked half-heartedly at buttons. Stared at the glowing red 8.

Yep. As I suspect—wait—what?

The solid 8 burped, then began flashing "3, 3, --" and I nearly dropped it when I heard the disembodied voice say "twenty. five. messages. message. twenty. five." followed by my former drummer's voice.


(It's alive.)

THANK you! Just saved me $30. Or so. Give or take.

Which means... hey. It's been unplugged for several hours. Shouldn't it have reset and all messages have been lost?

Techmeister lied.

Should I call them back? Or just let it go?


Well, I know what to do next. Figure out how to tape ALL of the machines so I can avoid this in the future.

Most interestingly, the machine refused to work when I was feeling desperate. But the moment I let go of its working ever again, the moment I let go and shrugged it off... that's when it came back to life.


Isn't that EXACTLY what the Law of Attraction dictates? Desperation drives away the very thing we want; letting go attracts it to us?

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At 7:36 PM, November 05, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Letting very, very hard to do. But it seems to be the answer to so many questions!

Gotta work on that...

Congrats on saving all those messages!

At 11:58 PM, November 05, 2007, Anonymous tiennie said...



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