Thursday, November 22, 2007

Novocaine for the Brain

T-Day Phase I is complete.

He's right. She's a yawner. IF I were still in the competition, I'd feel quite confident that there is no competition. She was nice. I was nice. We were both on our best behavior. I tried very very hard to find something about her to answer the question "why on earth did he hook up with her" and sadly, can find nothing to substantiate long-term prospects.

Let's be blunt.

Knowing him as well as I do, this particular female was never meant to go the distance. This one was only supposed to be a temporary relief from DSB*.

There were place cards at our seats. (Assigned seating for the first time ever.) They placed Current next to him. I was once removed with a grandmother between us. Hmm.

She did her best to scootch her chair as close to him as possible (MINE! said her body language—MINEMINEMINE). Possessive, aren't we? *smirk*

I refrained. I raised an eyebrow internally but remained in neutral. Complete neutral. It was fun to watch myself, too. I did my best to avoid egging her on. Oh, I could have. There is 14 years' worth of raw material—shared experiences, inside jokes, old memories, and then the little things that prove how down and dirty you know the other person (dislikes, habits, how they take their tea, and so on). Not to mention the natural rhythm that you fall into.

But I behaved.

Because I'm not interested in him anymore.

However. I am concerned that he makes the right choice for himself. And that I can stand her, because unless something unthinkable occurred, we're friends for life. I will always be around. Whomever we wind up with will have to accept that. We're like siblings. Sort of.

I will say this. I know one reason she's around. Oh, she's dull, plain, really not a remarkable person, but... she fits in with his family. I noticed this when she was helping his Mother clean up afterwards and I observed Current and J's Mother side by side from the back. Current is exactly the same height as J's Mom. Same body shape. Same hair color. Same movements. If her hair was straight and flat rather than nappy/curly, she could BE his mother. If her hair was as pretty as J's sister's is, they'd have the same hair (style, curliness). When they were face forward, Current and J's mom smile the same, have the same eyes—in fact, Current looks more like she could be J's sister than J's sister does!

She fits.

I never quite did. Though they liked me anyway. No, I'm too different. I'm tall. Brunette, green eyes, pretty. (Yes. I'm pretty. I know that. Even fat—er, fatter than I'd like to be, I'm pretty.) I'm wild. I have a nosering and a tattoo and my nail polish matches my hair. I ride horses. I knit and weave. I'm creative. I'm funny. I am animated, lively, a good conversationalist. Basically, I'm the opposite of Current.

She's nice. But she's wrong for him. He did wind up directing his conversations toward me more than her and we talked about music at great length. He didn't really converse with her. She tried to act all "married to him" but he didn't play along (although I noticed his mother did). She tried initiating body contact and he diverted. But it didn't seem to phase her.

At the end of the afternoon, after all the doggie bags were packed, goodbyes were said. She said politely that it was nice to finally meet me. I said it was nice to meet her too. She said "I'm sure I'll be seeing you again someday".

I said "Probably".

My mind snorted and said to Current (in a voice only I could hear), "Don't bet on it, honey."

My mind felt sufficiently justified in telling me that when, on the way out, J snuck out the door, walked along side me and said "Oh my God she is so BORING." (pause) "You don't have to leave right away, we'll be back after we drop off Grandma and we'll probably play more games," he begged.

Sorry, J. You're on your own, you, your Mother, and her boring little clone. You picked her, you gotta live with it. Have fun. As for me, I'm off to Phase II—crap, I'm late—dinner with B and her family.

*snorting and chuckling the whole way home*

*DSB = Dangerous *ahem* Backup, a serious condition found only in the male of the species when there is a substantial lack of, er, action for a long period of time

Happy eating, all.



At 7:52 PM, November 22, 2007, Blogger Lola said...

Yup. Sounds like he's settling, and he knows that and he hates the fact that he's settling for someone like his mother and is trying to get someone to break him away from her. Good on you for not playing along.


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