Monday, January 21, 2008

Camera Ready!

FINALLY! My camera is being friendly again. I replaced the rechargeable alkaline batteries the manual swears I can use with a set of lithium batteries, and all appears to be well now. (Must be the lithium—good for moody machinery.)

And so I bring you—knitblogger goodness! Look what Stick surprised me with! YES! My very own set of Bad Word Stitch Markers! I couldn't believe it. How cool is that? I feel special. Thank you, Stick! :-) There are a couple of close-ups on Flickr.

Stick's Cussing Stitchmarkers!

I'm happy to report that more progress has been made on the org front. Oooh, is that a new couch? Why, no—it's a slip cover! Who knew a slip cover could make such a difference?

Whoo! A New Couch?

Yucko Sofabed

The lone set of curtains from my old living room got tossed in the dryer (no heat) with a dryer sheet to remove the cat hair (it worked!) and are rehung. I swapped the white wicker table for the rolling cart, putting the serger that was on the cart elsewhere and putting the little TV and DVD burner on the cart. Easier to roll out of the way, takes up less room. I'm not fond of the wicker thing anyway. Maybe it can go in the deck room when it is restored to being a useable room again.

Now this room, the Den, is all cozy and warm with rich reds and dark browns. Happy. Still stuff to sort through, but it's moving along.

Oh, I think my pot pie is done...

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At 11:29 PM, January 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 3:47 PM, January 22, 2008, Blogger Robin said...

Funny! I have a friend who says "Who gives a rat's a**" all the time. I just ordered her two markers - RATS and ASS on them!

At 3:38 PM, January 24, 2008, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Cute! The couch and the markers.


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