Monday, November 02, 2009

Urgh. And an Update.


Apparently I let my free photobucket account go inactive, and all my image links are lost. So forgive the dust while I attempt to piece this back together. Maybe now is a good time to switch to the new Blogger layout?


There has been knitting.

There will be photos soon.

So far there is one of a pair of Woven Ridge socks and a half of a Coriolis. Both are patterns from Cat Bordhi's "New Pathways for Knitters". I got it for Christmas last year and it took me all this time to get enough courage up to read through it. Glad I did! REVOLUTIONIZED my sock knitting.

There has been no writing yet for NaNoWriMo. SIGH.

There has been much phone calling for the job. I pulled down a 2.0 CPH today (that is calls per hour), which rocks. My voice is getting stronger, thank God.

There has been very little riding due to odd weather patterns.

There has been a clock change all around the house. But you all knew that, as you did it, too.

That's all. For now.

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At 5:12 PM, November 03, 2009, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Bummer about the photos.

I love the time change. LOVE. It's the spring one that I loathe.

At 5:45 PM, November 17, 2009, Anonymous elspeth said...

Oh my God! I don't know what I'd do without my Photobucket account! That sucks!


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