Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays and an Update

Ah, if only there really were a Santa. If there were, I could reasonably expect to find a brand-new MacBook Pro with all the software upgrades sitting under my cat tree on Christmas morning (the cat tree being the only tree available in the house at the moment). But as I've been told since achieving adulthood, Santa is a marketing myth created by Coca-Cola, and unless I have:
  • a well-off significant other
  • a well-off parent
  • well-off friends with extreme generosity
  • a flourishing bank account and the selfishness to spend it all on myself
there is no reason to expect the arrival of said MBP on Saturday.

That said, the G5 is still in the Mac Hospital and I'm typing this on my geriatric (but greatly appreciated) G4 laptop that is still running OSX Panther. Hey. At least I'm internetically connected. I'll take that at this point.

Without boring you with too many details, the problem in the G5 seems to be related not to the RAM itself but to the MuthaBoard. We are hoping this is wrong. We are hoping that the fact that the brand-new RAM failed upon installation is, in fact, a bizarre fluke wrought by that fiendish Mercury Retrograde, which is known to wreak havoc upon communication, electronic devices, and travel and is with us until the 30th.

(The effects actually last a few days longer, meaning if you can avoid traveling, communicating, signing contracts or buying expensive jewelry and electronics until January 5th, you'll be much happier with the results. Now is a good time to research and finish up old business. I took a chance that "replacing RAM" would be "old business", not "repairing expensive equipment", since I'm swapping out one module for another rather than adding more. I'm still counting on that twist to work in my favor.)

So. The laptop is keeping me connected, and I've survived my Farm Games Intervention (can't play, the OS isn't high enough to handle the most recent Flash Player upgrade). I can upgrade the OS on the laptop, but... I'm trying to hold off until the 5th. Just to be on the safe side. At this point, if it ain't broke and still works sorta, might as well not touch it.

This is an historic holiday for me. It's the fifth year sans parents. But that's not the historic part.

It's the first time in my entire life history that Christmas has been canceled.

The Niece At Whose House The Festivities Occur contracted The Purge courtesy of her little germ magnets. The whole family was brought down by the beast, apparently, but N@WHTFO had it affect her breathing (asthma), and spent Monday evening in the ER. It was touch and go for a while as far as whether there would be a Christmas—she's "fine", it's "just" the flu which IHHO was far better than what she'd anticipated (pneumonia)—but due to the fact that neither I nor my other niece and her husband are protected against The Purge, having avoided flu shots at all costs, and the fact that N@WHTFO doesn't feel up to it, we're postponing.

Until mid-January. And weather in SW PA dependent, that may be moved up to Easter.

So I am, for the first time EVER, spending the most important, biggest, family-centric holiday of the year...


Without pwesents.

And you know what? It's OK. In fact, it feels like it's something I need to experience. (And it's not like I'm missing out; I was told that Sister, who lives next door to N@WHTFO, isn't even going over there. The plan is that Sister will drop off a load of scalloped potatoes on N@WHTFO's front porch, and N@WHTFO will shove a plate of ham out the front door. While both hold their breath and turn their faces away. Yeah, I think I'll be OK missing that.)

If you've been hovering around this blog for any length of time, you're aware of my ambiguity when it comes to holidays and the remaining family members. It's gotten better; still, I feel like I'm being given the chance to really see what this holiday means to ME, without all the distractions of family and good cheer. I've never taken the opportunity to do that. I've always accepted the defaults, going where Mom and Dad decided we were going, participating in the required/expected activities. This is my chance to test their validity for MY life.

Which is why, although several dear friends have offered to take me in this Christmas and invited me to join in their festivities, I've opted out. I'm grateful that they care enough to open their hearts and homes to me; yet, something inside says, "this would be yet another distraction". There's also the possibility that bearing second-hand witness to their celebration may hurt more than help. It can be hard to watch everyone else having fun as planned, when you're sort of an add-on. Even a welcome one.

Besides. I'll have the warmth of that $168 million dollar lottery jackpot win to keep me warm. (I have my ticket for tomorrow night, and I've already planned to win the Christmas Eve draw. Merry Christmas to me.)

So I send you all my most heartfelt Christmas wishes for a wonderful holiday with your families and friends, and I'll catch up with you in the brand-spankin' new year if not before.

Peace out. :-)

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At 3:34 AM, December 24, 2010, Blogger Blasé said...

Why does everything cost money?

At 5:06 PM, December 27, 2010, Anonymous Carrie#K said...

This is the 2nd year without Dad but I persuaded my mother to let this Christmas just be the two of us (since all the rest of the family live in other states). It was LOVELY. It's sweet of friends to offer their homes & hospitality but I'm with you on that issue.

Hopefully your Mac whatsis will be out of surgery & recovered soon.


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