Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Missed It

Well, by golly, I missed Tuesday Insaknitty—Insanknitty—In—how the heck is that spelled, anyway?

My facial started late due to a mishap in the facial room at the salon involving a lit candle and a box of Kleenex. Did you know that Kleenex is extremely flammable? Neither did I. Neither did my poor facialist. Luckily we caught it just before it got to the curtain. Trial by fire, whoo boy! After she cleaned that up and aired out the room, it was down to business. My face feels and looks great if I do say so myself. But it put me off schedule. And traffic in Toledo was terrible today. Lots of idiots pulling out in front of me. One complete asshat in an SUV was in the lefthand lane at the light. I was on the right. We were both stopped by the red light. The green arrow came up—for the ones in MY lane to turn right if they chose.

Asshat actually blew through the light and turned!!! Right in front of me!!! A right-hand turn from the left-most lane!!!!!! Good thing I wasn't turning or I would be a squashed puppy.

Ass! Hat!

Then I got some news today I did not ever want to hear. Brace yourselves.

Tommy Hilfiger is no longer available in stores, according to the kind folks at Elder-Beerman and Dillards. AGGGGGHHH! This pains me greatly, as my very favorite jeans (Tommy's Boyfriend jeans) have developed holes in a most unsightly place. I will be sitting cross-legged from now on if I wear them in public again. I'd gone to E-B for a replacement pair only to hear this news. *sob* Nothing in their stock fit me well enough or looked nice on, so I changed course and went to Kohl's. This was not on the list of To-Do's. This was, however, on the way to another To-Do (return unopened music software I'd purchased last week).

Kohl's was having a sale, how thoughtful of them. I'm amazed. I found THREE pair(s) of jeans that fit, look nice, and are comfy. And they were on sale. Yay! This is good, because there will be events upcoming for which new jeans will be required. Then it was on to the music store to return the software. What happened was that I had purchased a lesser version of it at one store, not realizing it was not the most current version despite what I was told. (Big Box Guitar Store. Hate it.) Happened to call Old Haunt guitar store to inquire and confirm this, and found out the truth. Headed over to Old Haunt to buy current version of more expensive software. (Why I didn't just go to Old Haunt in the first place was because I'm "known" around there, haven't been there in over a year, and wasn't in the mood to share "whatcha been dooin'" stories that day.) Got a discount. :-) So today I attempted to return lesser software to BBGS.

Entered store. Waited an interminably long time for the Receipt Police to acknowledge my presence at the door. They must frisk you coming and going, you know. Wouldn't want a guitar pick to escape unpurchased.

Did you know that anything returned to BBGS before the ten day period cannot be refunded? You must return it precisely between Day 10 and Day 14. Excuse me while I sneeze (*bullshit*) —ah, that's better. Because I'd paid with a check, I would get a check in return. IF I returned it after Day 10. Make another special trip up to Toledo to return it after Day 10. The other option was to get a credit account for stuff in the store. I asked if I could get a refund on that later. I was told the guy was pretty sure I could.

I said "OK. Would you please confirm that before we process it?"

"Sure", says the guy. "I'm pretty sure they'll do it."

*ahem*. Pretty sure? Sorry, not good enough. Before I sign over the rights to my money, I wanna be SURE, not pretty sure, that I'll be able to get it back in greenbacks when I want it, not take it in guitar picks and strings because I have no choice.

One more time.

"Yes, but I'd like to have that confirmed as an absolute, please, before processing it. If you wouldn't mind." *big smile, bat eyelashes*

Guy looks nonplussed. Blinks. Picks up phone. Dials number. Asks question. It's confirmed. Thank you, go ahead and process it. Wait an interminable amount of time for a receipt.

Then head over to Target because my toilet paper is on sale (hey, ya can't beat a deal where you get two 12-packs for $12 bucks, right?).

Then darnit I was on E, so off to the gas station. Well, by this time it was after 7:30 and I was starving. I resigned myself to a knitless night and headed for home. So, here I am. I wonder what juicy news I missed tonight? Sadly I am all out of juicy news for the time being. Hopefully that will change. Soon.

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At 11:11 AM, August 29, 2007, Blogger becky c. said...

Not so much juicy news as insane random giggling. It was a frisky crowd last night and we got pretty silly. We missed you!!

At 5:55 PM, August 29, 2007, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Kohls is awesome! That's where I got my skull sneakers. On sale. Because everything is always on sale at Kohls, godblessem. I've also had good luck with J. Crew jeans. Mid-rise, straight leg...just what a girl needs!


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