Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two In One Day

Another one making the rounds, it's the Gratitude MeMe or Joy Rush. Things I am grateful for:
  • that spring is finally HERE!
  • the smell of lilacs on the breeze
  • the beautiful, enormous flowering white dogwood that has bloomed every season outside my old bedroom window at my parents' house for 45 years. It wasn't supposed to get that big, but nobody bothered to tell IT that. :-)
  • the sunshine peeking between the intermittent storm clouds
  • watching my cat Blue play fetch with the strip of cardboard removed from a box when I zipped it open. He understands the phrases pick it up, bring it, upsies (jump up), find it... one smart cat, that Blue.
  • seeing Big Brown's phenomenal Preakness win yesterday
  • the soft whuffle of my horse's breath on my cheek during a quiet moment
  • the smell of horses
  • the amazement of seeing my horse respond to one of my requests (such as, put your front feet on this pedestal and wait) and watching my horse's expression when he realizes he's "got" it!
  • clean sheets
  • the way the bathroom smells after a long, hot shower
  • the coolness in the midst of a pine forest on a hot summer day
  • the absolute silence on a dark winter's night after a big blizzard
  • the crispness of a first snowfall
  • the first crocus that peeks its head out
  • the first sighting of new buds on the trees
  • baby animals
  • the lazy summer day sounds of faraway lawn mowers and children shrieking with glee
  • chocolate!
  • that I am alive today in this moment

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