Sunday, January 04, 2009

Make It Happen

I know what I’ve been overlooking all this time. I’ve seen behind the door that my brain was shielding from me, and I know what I am. It’s all good. But what I am isn't the important part.

What really knocked my socks off is this.

All this time, I’ve focused on possibility. I’ve asked the Universe, “please—make it possible for me to go to school in 2009”... “make it possible to sell the houses and close the estate”... "make it possible for me to move on".

Note the phrase, “make it possible”.

The Universe has answered, of course. It has shown me through example that it is INDEED possible.

Yet, nothing was changing.

Nothing was happening.

Oh, DUH, I thought, as this was revealed to me in meditation today.

What I should have been asking was, “make it happen”.

Note the SLIGHT variation on the phrase, and the critical word shift. Note how it totally changes the meaning of the phrase.

Please—make it happen for me to go to school in 2009
Make it happensell the houses and close the estate
Make it happen for me to move on

That’s the part about my successful past manifestations I wasn’t able to see before. Several times, while at the old barn, I thought, I need to find a Parelli-friendly barn where my other special-needs horse will be cared for the way I want her to be. I wondered if it were possible. I asked for it to be possible. I discovered that it was. There were barns all over the country that were Parelli-friendly or Parelli-centered, where AANHCP natural hoofcare was practiced and/or supported. But I found no barns near me that were centered that way.

Then one day, my situation at the old barn changed, and a move was imminent to protect my horses. I realized I had to find that barn.

I had to make it happen.

Once I decided that it had to happen, that I had to find that barn and move those horses, IT DID happen. Within 24 hours, I HAD THE BARN. Within 72 hours, the horses were relocated.

Before that: after the fall from my horse that terrified me, I'd examined my priorities and realized having another horse better suited to me might be helpful. I knew it was possible to find a better-suited horse. Once I’d decided I needed to find a partner to help me over the Cheerios fear, I made it happen and found the Late Great Wildflower. Then, I’d not only realized it was possible to take my horse to a clinic and get help, I’d decided that one day, I would make it happen.

Within hours of buying Wildflower and bringing her home to the boarding barn, a spot opened up in a sold-out Level One clinic; the 12 people in front of me on the waiting list all declined the spot; and I found out that the girl from my barn who had trailered Wildflower home for me was going to the Level Two clinic right after mine, and offered to take us! Bam, bam, bam. Make it happen? I'd say so. Ten days after buying my new partner, we were on our way to the clinic I thought would be years away.

And then I needed to find a way to hold onto Cheerios... such as leasing him out to the right person for awhile to offset board and keep him busy. So I made it happen. The leaser appeared one day, and so it went for three wonderful years—just enough time to get me to the point of being more savvy for Cheerios. Funny how that all worked out.

All because instead of focusing on the possibility of it, I shifted to focusing on making it happen.

Why has this been so elusive all this time? Right there in front of me! The key to the whole smucking thing!

What we focus on, expands, right? So... Focus on the possibility of something, you’ll get more evidence of the possibility. But possibility is a concept, not an action. Focus on having something HAPPEN, and something WILL HAPPEN.

Yes, it is possible to sell Grandma's house for a cash offer of $100,000 within the next week. Plenty of homes are selling for all kinds of prices, regardless of what the "economy" or "market" indicates. And if I continue to focus on the possibility of it, that is what I will get: more evidence of possibility without action.

If I want to see it manifest, I must change one word. Change “possibility” to “happen”.

It’s already possible, make it HAPPEN. Focus on the happening of it.

Therefore, I hereby declare:
I know that it is POSSIBLE for me to have the money to attend college this semester—I’ve decided that the Universe is now making it HAPPEN. It’s possible to sell Grandma's house for $100,000 cash within 24 hours—I hereby declare that the Universe MAKE IT HAPPEN. Make it happen, NOW. Thank you in advance, Universe, I am ever grateful that this has been made to happen.
Smuck possibility. Make it SO, Number One!

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At 6:30 PM, January 05, 2009, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

It's the difference between "active" and "passive" I suppose. When we want something to happen, we know that we will need to *do* something, even if it's just react. A "possibility" is something we can take or leave.

You are so right. It's better to have things actually happen instead of just living for the possibilities.

At 10:50 PM, January 05, 2009, Anonymous Robin said...

BOY! I needed this post! Thanks. Very timely.

At 4:29 PM, January 06, 2009, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Now that's a big diff in perception! Although, y'know, come to think of it, I've always gotten what I needed when I really HAD to have it.

Nice swag from Chris & Jeanne! To Say Nothing of the Dog is hilarious. If you like it, read Jerome K Jerome's book too.


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