Tuesday, April 07, 2009

An Explanation

OK. Before I go offending anyone with it, I feel the Chipped In Widgets to the right over there might need an explanation.

It's true. I'm begging for dollars. I am my own charity. But there is a reason for this, and it has less to do with drumming up donations than it does with activating the Law of Attraction.

My intent with this is to reach out to the Universe to let it know that I'm serious about my goals. I know I've wavered between YES Parelli Instructor NO Parelli Instructor, but after months of self-analysis, it's obvious that although I love playing with string, writing/recording music, and writing period, my deepest most profound passion, the one that makes me cry sometimes just thinking about it, is my horses. (Yarn is lovely, but it doesn't move me to tears.)

When I think about my life and about what I'll miss when I'm gone one day, horses pop up first. If there aren't horses in heaven, I am not going. They are the one thing that make my heart hurt. The thought of never feeling their soft breath on my skin; of never smelling that intoxicating blend of horse hair, manure, hay and sweat; of never hearing the gentle nicker when I enter the barn; of never experiencing the feeling of flying without wings as we canter down the trail through a wooded forest; to never again feel that mystical connection with this most magnificent and amazing creature as we play at Liberty in an open field, with my horse eagerly mirroring my every move and staying with me of his own free will when he could just as easily whirl away...

Excuse me for a moment...

OK. I had to collect myself.

What I'm doing is trying to generate energy by putting a blatant request out there—aimed at the Universe, not necessarily at people. I'm certainly asking for more than I'd need but they say to do that to ensure you get what you need. You, dear reader, don't have to participate unless you want to. My intent is not to milk the pockets of my readers; but to declare a VISIBLE intent that says, I AM DOING THIS: Universe, back me up on my goal.

It might generate some finances toward my dream; it might not. The funds might arrive in a way totally unrelated to the fundraising widgets. The point is to open myself up to the possibilities and get it OUT there.

And there's no way I'd know if it would work, unless I took the risk.

But on the off-chance that there are those who read this blog, are supportive of my dreams, understand what I've been going through and might have the means to assist, I've decided to put it there. It's for them, the Universe and myself.

Lest you think I'm one to sit back and live off of the generosity of others, let me remind you that I'm doing absolutely EVERYTHING to get myself back on track. Including starting an online yarn business, launching a personal fundraising effort, pursuing alternate routes to eliminating the two extra houses I got stuck with in this estate/death deal AND applying for jobs from Marketing Director to Kwik Stop Parking Lot Attendant. After that, it's all up to God.

This is my dream, and I am doing EVERYTHING in my power, offensive or not, to make it happen.

If my fundraising efforts offend you, please just ignore them, and come back for all the news that's fit to Knit. And to canter away with.

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