Monday, December 31, 2007

Final Countdown

Well, twenty aught seven is coming to a close and TWO THOUSAND GREAT is almost upon us. What are you doing tonight?

At this point, it's 9:04 PM and I have no plans to go out on the town. But who knows? That could change. I ran to the store earlier for cat food and a bottle of champers (champagne)—why not, eh? I might have to run out again for another gallon of milk as they are predicting a winter storm, 6-8 inches of snow, and though I have a gallon and a half in the fridge... better to be prepared, I say.

2007 was a definite improvement over 2006 and I'm excited about what life may bring in 2008. One of the podcasts I listen to regularly comes from Karen Linew, Law of Attraction Tips. Karen also issues an email newsletter. The most recent issue included an exercise I found to be most interesting and that I plan to do tonight. I pulled this from the newsletter in case you wanted to try it for yourself:

Every New Year's Day we (Karen and her husband) brush away the cobwebs in our heads if we've been out celebrating the night before and we get really excited about the upcoming year. We look forward to this day because it has helped us to create some simply amazing things.

Here's what we do:
  1. We talk about the incredible way our lives have changed for the positive in the past year and how thankful we are for all of it.
  2. We discuss our challenges but mostly focus on how we overcame those challenges and created a positive outcome.
  3. Next we chat about the things we have most appreciated about the year—whether it's been new relationships, new stuff or new personal achievements.
  4. Our discussion then moves to what we would like to see happen next. We talk about what we would like to achieve in our professional, health, fun, financial, home and spiritual portions of our life. (Note: we do 1-4 and 6 weekly as well)
  5. Our next step is to write down everything. We each have our own special books where we write all of this down. Each of these items is written in the present tense or in 'I Am' statements which are incredibly powerful.
  6. We then review the many shared items and talk about how exciting it is to have these things in our life. (We don't try to figure out how any of this will happen and we don't talk about how it will be orchestrated—this is a definite no-no!)
Remember, what you focus on is what you get, so if you want things to change—you cannot focus on what is—you'll only get more of that.

There you have it. Another of my personal gurus suggests writing a list of the things you want to be, do and have in the next 12 months, as if you already are, are doing, or have them, then put the list away until December 31, 2008. The key is to write them as if they are currently happening:
  • I drive a dark red Dodge Ram 3500 with custom leather interior and a gooseneck towing package

  • I transport my horses in a 3-horse slant-load gooseneck trailer

    with a weekender package*

    in the Sonoma Pottery Decor

  • I am at the Parelli Center in Ocala, FL

    with Cheerios doing the six-week intensive and having a blast
  • I'm riding in a brand-new Parelli Fusion Saddle

  • I am healthy and in great shape
  • I just sold my house in Toledo for my list price
  • I just sold the other property for the list price
  • I am the sole winning MegaMillions jackpot ticketholder

  • I am composing music soundtracks for meditation and affirmation CDs professionally
  • I am writing a book
  • I am a prosperity coach making $300,000 per year
You get the idea. ;-)

Be safe, be well, and see you next year!

*Weekender package: that's a horse trailer with the most minimal living quarters possible—a bed up in the "neck", a kitchenette, a foldout dining table for two, and a "cowboy shower" (shower stall with a toilet in the middle, a space saver). So's I can "camp" for six weeks and save on lodging. Of course... if I've won the lottery, would that really be an issue? LOL!

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