Sunday, March 30, 2008


OK. Very long weekend with lots and lots of personal growth.

I've been rather long-winded lately so I'll TRY to keep this short. (SarahLou, I can hear you snickering...)

We've established the bit about the lots being the obstacle. I've put out the call for energy. I've downloaded The Clearing Audio (finally) and have been listening nonstop. The Clearing Audio, created by Attractor Factor guru Joe Vitale and Portable Empire author Pat O'Bryan, is designed to assist with the removal of counter intentions and limiting beliefs, the things that block manifestation. The concept is that by listening to the comforting new age music in one of three forms, your subconcious will release the counter intentions holding you back, and once they are removed, you will begin to receive nudges about actions to take to move you closer to manifestation. (The three forms: music only, binaural music with subliminal affirmations, or music with audible affirmations spoken by Joe Vitale. You get all three as a package for one very affordable price.)

Well, here is my partial testimonial. I say partial only because it will be complete when the manifestation happens.

I listened to the one with audible affirmations first (last night). Very nice. Went on to watch TV with the cats. A couple hours later when I got up to put my leftovers in the fridge, I got my first nudge:

Call your cousin in Seattle.

OH DUH. Of course! She'd been interested last year in buying the house to preserve family history. But the price was too high (understandable—the price was set because of the potential for subdivision). Now that it is subdivided, the price for the lot with the house is much lower—half—so maybe now it's within reach.

Long story short. I emailed her sister last night. I called the cousin in Seattle today. Then I spoke with two other cousins I haven't seen in years at her insistence. I'll spare you the play by play, but what I realized later after analyzing it was that I'd misinterpreted the nudge.

I'd seen it as "oh duh, call the cousin, she'll buy it, problem solved".

It wasn't about that.

The reason the house hasn't sold yet is because I HAD BLOCKS PROHIBITING IT. I had counter intentions that lead to my resistance to the sale even though I consciously wanted it sold. The block was this:

I was feeling very guilty about selling. This is our family home, rooted in tradition. My Mother was entrusted with preserving it and did. She passed on this entrusted obligation to us. My sister feels no such obligation; I did, for whatever reason, whether out of obligation to Mother or something else. I was afraid that selling the house was an insult to the rest of Mother's family, and that I would be ostracized from the family for doing so. I was also afraid of losing the connection to Mother's family because I'd have "no reason" to travel to southern Ohio if the "checking up on the house" excuse was gone. The house represented to me connection, love, history. I thought they'd all be mad at me for it.

What my cousins told me changed that. Not only was I granted permission that it's more than OK to sell the house, but I was reassured by Cousin in Seattle that I didn't need to feel guilty, that if it really meant that much to the family to preserve the house, they would have bought it so they had nobody to blame but themselves. The other cousins underscored the permission to sell. Nobody's interested in keeping it. It doesn't represent the same thing to them as it did to me. And the best part was when the last cousin I spoke with asked if I ever got down that way, and when I did be sure to let them know because they would love to see me.

It was all I could do not to cry on the phone.

Liberated. That's how I feel. I've been absolved of any guilt. I am now able to forgive myself, and to allow myself permission to sell the house. My connection to the family is intact regardless of the house.

I am clear.

So all I ask is continued support for the intention: Lots 1 and 3 SOLD. Immediately. For close to our asking prices.

You know, it only takes 5 minutes to sell a property. Buyer decides to buy, calls the real estate agent, makes the offer, agent calls seller, seller accepts offer, agent calls buyer, tells buyer offer is accepted, seller sets time to sign contracts. Done. Five minutes.

This is TOTALLY DOABLE within 24 hours or less.

I'll let you know when the deed (ha ha) is done. PS: I've been listening to the subliminal version all day. Over and over. I'm beginning to feel like ANYTHING and everything is possible.

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At 8:48 PM, March 30, 2008, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Wow. That is amazing! Congrats on working through it all and for reconnecting with family, to boot!

At 10:14 PM, March 31, 2008, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Oh good! So your 6% interest rate won't be too high if you sell it fast....kidding! That's great news. I've missed lots of you. Stupid work.


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