Thursday, April 10, 2008

Animal/Wollmeise Lovers, Listen Up

My friend Karen (Knoobie Knitter) adopted an adorable doggie named Vinnie.

He wasn't home long before he underwent a big health crisis. He's OK, thankfully—story is here—but despite help from the pet agency from which he was adopted, the vet bills are huge. Karen is having a raffle to help raise money—prizes include Wollmeise, Yarntini, and Yarn Pirate Yarn!


Brief update on the Lot Sales: Lot #2 is sold (that was the first one). Lot #1 is pending. We countered. They countered. We... negotiated an option. It's not really a counter to their counter. Their contract asked for an additional 3% (on top of 6% agent commissions). Our lawyer had asked me why we hadn't negotiated that out? Well, uh... because when I asked the realtor about it they said sometimes the banks won't lend the money without it.

Um, OK. So we left it in the first time. This time, I asked if we could leave it out. So the options are, if we leave the 3% in, then we need to ask a slightly higher final price to cover it. If we can eliminate it, then we'll accept their counter as is.

The odd thing is, when I did the math, we actually stand to make more money if we take out the 3% and accept their counter. It's weird.

The best news is that because two of the three lots are for all intents and purposes sold and because it gives us enough financial leeway to satisfy the terms of the Will and "equalize" distribution against the house I received, we can CLOSE the estate upon completing the second sale! The lawyer agreed—AGREED—with me that the third lot is a bonus lot and we can just deed it out to the two of us since we seem to be able to agree on property sales and since it's a 50-50 split.

I'm so glad it's about over.

In final news, I'm taking my horse to his very first PNH clinic next month. It's my first in four years, and my first with a different horse. SO excited!

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At 8:33 AM, April 11, 2008, Blogger becky c. said...

SO glad all that estate crap is finally clearing up! Bet it feels a little like spring after a long bleak winter.


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