Monday, December 15, 2008

Meme and Estate Stuff

Well, I've been tagged, but I've already done the Random Things meme, and if you'd like to read it, go here and read it. :-)

I'd love to request some prayerful or similar energy from y'all. It's all good, though. The good news is, we got an offer on the house in the estate—the last remaining lot standing between me and freedom from the deathmare.

The not-as-good news is that it is ridiculously, insultingly low, and came with a list of justifications as to why the offer was low—most of which in everyone's opinion had no bearing on lowering the price because they were things that the future buyer could choose to do (such as relocate the driveway to make it a safer entrance or move the water tap-in) and not things that must be done.

Especially since the property is listed As Is with the assumption that given the condition of the house, the buyer has two options—tear it down and build new, or put in significant effort to do a complete restoration of the existing home. Both of these options will cost about the same amount of money to execute (actually, building new, depending on the size of the home, could cost considerably more than restoration). Both of these options increase profitability of the future sale of the restored or rebuilt home (meaning, whomever does this will likely make a killing if they sell when the market tops out in a few years).

Basically, we're aware of what it needs, and we have our reasons for setting the price where it is. It's actually been lowered by almost $40,000 since the fire happened. It's not about the house, it's about the quality of the setting, the lot and land itself, the existence of other fully functional outbuildings, the neighborhood, and so on. All of these factors justify the asking price.

If it was the house alone, yes, I could see how it might command a lower price. But it is not the HOUSE being bought, as in, "a move-in ready house", and that is clear in how it is listed. The house is not the primary focus of the listing.

But it's up to the buyer to decide if the raw materials suit their vision or not. You want it, buy it; you don't, that's fine. Just don't whine to us and expect us to lower our price drastically because what we have to offer doesn't suit you.

We countered on principle with a price about 10% lower than the asking price, just to make our point, and backed it up with OUR justifications. Yes, we intend to sell it, but let's be reasonable.

So I'd like to ask that you throw some positive energy our way towards having a miracle occur. Either have this buyer have an epiphany and agree to our counter or close to it; or conjure us up another buyer who sees the real value of the property, now and future, and is willing and able to reach an agreeable sum with us. Pronto, OK?

I have been "seeing" this closing occuring right after Christmas since before the offer came in. Help us make it so. You know what to do, I've coached you well. :-)

Thanks in advance.

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At 12:19 AM, December 16, 2008, Blogger Girl Meets Needle said...

I am throwing some happy, good karma your way even as I speak...

And I dealt with it for that long because in those two weeks I worked there, I made over three grand. Got me out of credit card debt, so at least it served some purpose. Still, I'd never, ever, in a million years do it again!

At 12:56 PM, December 16, 2008, Anonymous danielle said...

Happy selling karma en route!

At 6:49 PM, December 18, 2008, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

I hope that all is going well on the sale. Bloglines seems to have updated a bit late so I hope my good wishes come in time to help...


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